Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge

Day 4

I just wanted to clarify, in case anyone was wondering. I am using pictures of my dogs for these posts because every morning when it comes to the workouts my dogs are the biggest obstacles in my way. Luna sniffs in my face and decides she wants to give me lots of kisses… this is going to sound gross but it isn’t because she loves me, it is because I am sweaty and my face is salty. Bandit is in the way in a different way, he doesn’t like to lick people, he just typically doesn’t but for some reason he has an odd obsession with my fitness mat. Even though we have a carpeted living room, and really comfy open dog beds, he likes to find the perfect spot on my fitness mat. And they are both prettier than me, so I thought everyone would appreciate their beautiful faces rather than mine.

Back to the point, yesterday was a wonderful rest day in which I literally did nothing. I sat on my arse while my “muscles”, whatever muscles are left under all the ice cream, chocolate, and cheesecake, healed. I just binged watched Castle that has been added to the Disney Plus app (Thank you Star!). I love Castle… don’t judge. Any part of my body that was sore thankfully stopped being sore just in time for this morning. Oh this morning…

I will always post a warm up video.
My balance sucks.

This started off great. The only thing I had to worry about were the fluffy fiends that decided they wanted to lie down as close to my workout space as possible. The first circuit was repeated twice and I was sweaty and out of breath but it was nice to get through something and not be dead already. Then the second circuit kicked in. I was doing fine until the muscles in my lower back, like just above where my butt starts, cramped up, and I mean it was painful. I ploughed through a couple of the other exercises but I just couldn’t. I had to pause the video and ran to my partner (Yes I interrupt him a lot while he is working and he still manages to get his shit done) and get him to massage the cramp out of my lower back. Oh wow, I think the extra weight and the lack of muscle my lower back just wasn’t prepared… Or I was doing something wrong. All I can say is after the massage I un-paused the video and continued on. The cramp came back in full force. Once the video ended I was on the floor letting my back equalise.

Oh yeah, my abs exist?

Luckily this begins with you lying on your back. My back definitely needed the break from supporting my weight. However, this was no break for the rest of my body. Oh the burn. I could tell my form was improving, certain parts of my body burned that had not the first time around. I was still a sweaty mess but a little improved. That is the miracle of the body.

Again I will always add a cool down in my post.

This was a good day, I was sweaty, I was still trying to catch my breath, but the pauses were less. I will take this as a good sign that my body is going to return the fitness level and strength that I used to be at. Though this will mean at some point I will need to get back on the pole.

The only thing that was worrying was my back. I took the dogs out for a walk after the workout and my lower back started to feel tighter with every step. The only relief I had was when I returned and I bent forward to unstrap Luna from her harness. It was an “ahh” sigh of relief. I am going to take today positively given that I think my form is improving. This is a good sign from my body. Thank you body.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!