Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge

Day 2

This morning I woke up and knew, I just knew, that if I left myself with my thoughts for too long I would think myself out of exercising today. I do that a lot these days. In order to avoid this, I just got up, I got dressed and I didn’t think about it, I set it all up so that there was no point in stopping now.

From yesterday, surprisingly only my butt was sore. Not my legs, not my back, or abs, my butt. I am not quite sure what that means. Clearly my arse was engaged more than the rest of my body. Not that I mind, my arse could lose a bit of cellulite.

Just like yesterday I am going to outline the videos I did today.

Important, don’t skip.

I think when she first started, she had not done a warm up for this set of workouts. So I have just set this as the warm up that I will do for this workout.


I was sweating profusely by the second exercise. Thankfully, this video went by quite quickly. Mostly because it was ten minutes. However, don’t be fooled those ten minutes were nearly lethal. I was sweaty and my fitness mat gets slippery under my hands, I had to constantly readjust my position to find somewhere that I wasn’t going to slip belly flop to the floor. My shoulders were tired, and by the time those ten minutes were over my arms didn’t want to press up anymore.

Oh, my abs.

Brutal was an understatement. My abs were not happy after this. What made it worse was the fifty second stints of exercises. Oh my god, I was not going to make it. Sweat dripped into my eye and all my abs wanted to do was stop. I did make it, but with tiny five second breaks in the middle somewhere. Yes, naughty I know but hey ho, I was still sore, exhausted, and shaking like a leaf in this very windy day.


Again, this is similar to the warm up. She didn’t set a specific cooldown for this workout. But like I explained if I don’t stretch out I will just become a wooden plank. Solid and no bend.

Today I didn’t need the minute sit down to recover thankfully, but I was still shaky. When I bent forward to strap my dogs into their harnesses for walks I thought my body was just going to flop. Walking still felt foreign afterwards but this time it was my arms. I wasn’t sure I could hold the leads.

Thank you so much for reading! Write again soon! Bye!