Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shredding Challenge

Day 1

Oh, wow I think she has just ripped out my lungs gave them a couple of suffocating squeezes and then shoved them back into my body. Chloe Ting is a Fitness influencing Youtuber who I found during the beginning of the first lockdown in the UK. Now, of course I tried out her two week challenge before and it was working I was seeing amazing changes to my body and strength but as with any human the discipline to keep going with it died. It remained dead for months. Now because I decided to stay lazy and eat lots of crap over the lockdown, allowing my negative emotions take over and literally force me to just sit on the couch doing nothing. I have grown bigger. Not the good kind of bigger.

I am mortified.

This is me a couple of weeks ago. I am absolutely mortified at how awful I look. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that I am not the biggest person in the world and I could be worse but… I have never been this big, I love being fit, I love being active. The fact that I let myself even get to this point, is disappointing for myself. The worst person you can disappoint is yourself, even though I constantly disappoint myself, I plan on putting a stop to that now.

I have become a fan of Chloe Ting. Just because she basically puts the work in for you. All you have to do it follow the videos. She tells you and instructs you in exactly what you are doing, she has a timer that beeps to let you know you are finally closing in on the end, and she even accommodates for if you want to do low impact because of any injuries or just your fitness level or even just personal preference. On her website the video links are set up in the schedule for you to just find the day you are on and click. You literally do nothing mentally complicated. She has laid it out for you, you just have to try it.

This is the set of videos that I did this morning –

Always Warm Up.

Warm ups are always important to prevent injury, and it sets the workout. This is nice and easy to follow. It is just a warm up so nothing strenuous. The only thing you have to make sure you don’t do is go full force into the movements. You don’t want to exhaust yourself before you even get to the actual workout.

30 minutes of agony.

Oh wow, she made me sweat. This was intense. At first I had a good run for like the first exercise. But after that my heart was racing and I was trying to catch my breath. Then I completed the first circuit, I was glazed with sweat, I couldn’t catch my breath, and by the time the second round of the circuit came up ten seconds rest between each exercise just wasn’t enough. I was stealing an extra ten seconds rest between each exercise. My legs were on fire, my shoulders and abs were just so tired, oh and my butt just decided it really didn’t want to anymore. I was barely half way through the workout and I was thinking should I just stop here, can I give up now? I didn’t I pushed through and carried on, but oh wow personal trainers would be shaking their heads in disgust with me at this point. Sweat ran down my face so much, that at one point I sniffed, and a drop of sweat went up my nose. Ew, gross, I know. All form vanished, I just needed to get through it. Third and final round of the circuit and my body was really telling me, no, don’t do it, we are tired! When the last circuit was done I sat on my butt for a minute just trying to recover.

Always stretch.

Then there is the stretching. Unfortunately for me. My body is like a stiff plank of wood. Before I started pole I could not even touch my toes. How horrendous is that? I can touch my toes now, but barely. If I do any exercise without a stretch afterwards my body is doomed to a constant forever of tightness. However, stretching is just as tough for me. With my body being so tight stretching makes me hot and bothered. One day I am hoping it won’t but for now it still does.

After this workout was complete my whole body shook. I couldn’t hold anything steady, and I could barely make it up the stairs. I had to walk the dogs after this! I must be either really stupid or just crazy. I am willing to say both. Walking afterwards felt foreign, like my legs weren’t quite the same, it just didn’t feel natural anymore. I have a sneaking suspicion about my body and soreness tomorrow. But I would really like to get results, I do not want to be this big anymore, especially given that the vaccine is being dished out now, which will hopefully mean that the pole and aerial business can kick start again. If so, I refuse to be in this weak fitness level.

A piece of advice before I end this here. Water, I know it’ll be tempting, especially when you are told to drink water and you should! But don’t drink too much at once, it’ll just sit in your stomach and make you feel ill. You’ll feel it jostling about in your belly while you move around and trust me when I say it just is not worth the discomfort for that quick satisfactory glugging session of water. I’d say if you can wait for the longer rest times that she has set and have maybe one or two gulps.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!

He liked my mat for some reason but you can see the sweat patches on the mat after I finished the workout.