The Air Awakens

Book One

Author Elise Kova

Hello Readers!

I was going to wait. I had it planned in my head. It was going to take me a long time. But I was going to wait until the very end of the massive book given that it is five books all bound into one. However, I finished the first book this weekend. And it was just so good I just had to talk about it now.


Meet Vhalla. A young plain girl, loves reading so much she has almost read every single book in the library, that she works. She has a sparking crush of a prince because she fell and he caught her. But he is known as the heartbreaker prince so… he is known to be a player.

Anyway, a prince falls ill after being out in a war and returns dying. She saves him with her magic that she doesn’t know she has. From there it is about her deciding if she will keep her magic or learn to use it.


Ha! I don’t even know if I am going to be coherent even with my thoughts but I am going to try. Long story, short. I loved it. Loved it. Capitol L. Love, Love, Love. Not much happens really. But when it does oh the author is not frightened to get explicit and I don’t mean in the sexual sense.

Let me get this out of the way for everyone who loves romance like me. You’ll love it! But trust me when I say the first book as no hot steamy scenes. There was an almost kiss which I nearly screamed when it didn’t happen. But it didn’t happen… Yet… There are five books in total. There are still four more books of possibilities!

Oh my god… I don’t know how to do this without spoiling everything…! Shit! See! This is what it has done to me, I want to vomit out all of my feelings in this book because it made me feel so much all at once, and yet I can’t because we are in lockdown and my boyfriend (He says he doesn’t) will think I am crazy. Actually, he loves me and my craziness so I could… but he won’t squeal with me like one of my closest friends would. I felt so many things.

The first thing I felt was… argh. Why is she so frightened to explore the magic that she has been chosen by magic to have? I didn’t dislike her, I related to the fact that she was an avid reader and librarian! Ah! What reader at some point doesn’t envision themselves a librarian? and if you never have… are you sure you’re a reader?

But then she started exchanging letters with the love interest. I mean, let’s not get judgemental here, we know exactly who he is. He is the dark Prince that know else understands. And you can laugh at me for being stereotypical of YA fiction fan but I LOVE THAT! This book by the way, I should have said in the earlier paragraph but as I said about coherence it is just not going to be a thing, is a slow burner. For those of you who might be asking me what I mean, slow burner is literally what it says, the romance has got a long way to go but it is going to be delicious as it burns.

But the two characters connect so well! Aw! I was smitten. So much so that there was another character who was in love with the main female lead who I just wanted to go away. He was not made for her. They were not meant to be a thing. The book made me feel bad about this feeling later. I am not going to say how, but trust me, if you felt the way I did quick warning your wish it granted and you will feel bad. All I am going to say.

I was so emotionally invested in this book that when bad things were happening to the main character I think I was genuinely having anxiety attacks.

Also, the author is not adverse to gore. The main male lead literally melts a human woman’s face. There was eye melting descriptions in there. Or at some point the main character is running and something bad has happened. Blood and guts everywhere as in… at one point in her bare feet she accidentally runs through someone’s inner organs because they have been… They are not in the body. Again trying to avoid spoilers. But yeah she steps in the gore until it is squeezed between her toes. Woah! Graphic! Wow. Don’t read this to your children!

This author went into detail and I applaud. War is not magnificently glorious in victory or defeat. It is messy, bloody, and nothing but scars on both sides. Magic might be a thing but there is nothing magical about war.

I love the main male lead character. Yes, Yes, YES. Oh wow, there was a moment I was like Imperial justice is right! Two men beat the living shit out of the main character. Let’s just say they didn’t get away with it. He found them later and they are no more. The only sad thing is we don’t see this. She finds out from someone else but hey I don’t care. I can still envision it. And it is glorious.

The magic actions are also very clearly written as well. I can imagine it as if I was actually there with this book. I didn’t get lost and it wasn’t overly explained either.

I thoroughly enjoyed this first book. I felt so much, good and bad emotions. It was almost like the author was a puppeteer to all of my emotions from the moment that I opened the book. My imagination is running so wild in my head right now I am going to have to concentrate when I walk the dogs because if I let it… I will just zone out and pretend that I am not living in this world.

There is probably more that I could have gone into so much detail with but let me just finish off with another – I loved it.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!