Excellent News.

Vet Update

Hello Readers!

Finally, the update we have all been hopefully waiting for. Bandit’s Vet appointment.

I believe in my last post I explained that I had to reschedule his appointment. Well, the 3rd February has came and went. For once, FOR ONCE, good news came my way with regards to Bandit.

During, Christmas time, I rescheduled Bandit’s vet check from January to February. This was in consideration to my finances. I had ran out of money so my only option was to delay the inevitable massive vet bill I was going to get. Plus, the insurance still had not given me an update at this point so I had rescheduled it. Strangely, this turned out to be a brilliant decision.

Bandit at the time also got an odd spot on his lower lid of his left eye. It looked sore and I assumed it was a result of his medication. This made me worry, his eye wasn’t looking any better and this spot thing made me panic thinking I was hurting him. In the end I reduced his medication down to two drops a day of each drop for each eye.

Turns out, this was another brilliant decision. Over the month of doing this his eye didn’t look worse, and actually, I thought it looked better the day before the appointment. I was still worried that I was possibly just tricking myself into believing that maybe he was going to be ok. I starved him 24 hours before the appointment as instructed in case the vet decided to take any blood tests.

Well my worries were for nothing. I got to the vet, Bandit was taken into the building without me, and I paced the car park with a ever constantly whining Luna. I pace to help her settle before getting back into the car. They are both great in the car, no complaints whatsoever. When the vehicle stops though she can get quite noisy. Made worse when Bandit isn’t with her. Then he comes back out and the vet asked me what I had thought about him.

When I said that I actually thought his left eye looked a lot better. To my immense surprise the vet agreed with me! I could have dropped to my knees. I have only had relief hit me that hard a couple of times before. The first – a prosecution charge was dropped. The second – when Bandit recovered from his blood disorder and there didn’t seem to be anything malicious causing it. This was the third. The vet said all the right things.

“I think we can put the medication down to once a day in both eyes for each medication”. He said. “Then I will see him again in three months”. Three months!? Oh excellent, this just got better. He didn’t need that blood test. He didn’t need any extra medication. “Two weeks before the appointment stop giving him the steroid and see how he does”. Oh! Extra good! I like the sound of that. “Because if left too long the steroid could start making his eye worse rather than better, so we want to work him off the steroids, the other eye drops however, may be something that he has to have indefinitely”. Ok, that’s still excellent news. Ok, so he will have to have eye drops for the rest of his life, but we are working it down and he may eventually just not need any medication at all! I am absolutely thrilled.

This is fantastic news. I am so relieved. I couldn’t actually believe it for a moment. But for the rest of the day I was elated. I just felt so happy afterwards because my old boy is going to be ok.

Speaking of old boy. He is starting look older. It is because of the eye drops. But his eyes are obviously watering afterwards and it is running down the sides of his face leaving a stain in the white fur of his face. It makes him look extra old and I just want to cuddle him when he looks at me. He is still just as cheeky, he stuck his face into every McDonalds bag we had from a once a week takeaway delivery looking for something to steal, when he thought we weren’t looking. Actually that is a lie, he knew we were looking he just didn’t care. Little shit. ha!

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!