Kindle: Love on the Line

Author: Lucy Darling

Hello wonderful readers and welcome to another Kindle short novella read. This weekend just gone, after finally getting paid, and an email newsletter from Alexa Riley’s website, I chose to try out Lucy Darling. A kindle erotic short novel writer that looked very similar to Alexa Riley in style and book cover.

The book I chose to read to test it out was called Love on the Line.


This story was about a man so sickeningly rich that his sister (in a teasing fight to try to hook him up) claimed multi million dollars of debt against him. Which he didn’t care or even bat an eyelid in paying. A young girl who worked at the debt collection agency that his sister used to pin the debt on him.

She was struggling (I don’t blame her) cold calling people to pay off their debts. So innocent in fact, that at the sound of a woman struggling to look after her sick mother, she put the debt on herself to pay it off for the struggling woman with the sick mother?

He falls in love with her voice. He pursues her. Makes some stupid mistakes, and his sister makes some stupid mistakes along the way. And She runs away crying in disbelief.


Honestly, it was actually very typical. Instant love, unprotected sex, slight case of damsel in distress, followed by babies in a perfectly happily ever after ending. This is not a spoiler by the way. Every one goes into these books knowing that it is a HEA ending. If you don’t believe me, check the book description. You will typically find it at the end of the description. These books are out to hit a certain criteria and need. A particular audience fancy… My particular fancy. There are certain things that make me go, ‘oh no’. I am not really into BDSM. This is not a judgement thing, this is a personal preference. And so sue me, I have the love of my life that I have told multiple times he is never allowed to leave me or hate me, not because we fight but I say it jokingly because I love him and he fits perfectly with me. I like stories that fit that world with me. Yes, because he is who I picture when I read these books. Bleh, said it. Done.

I have maybe two things I am finding that make me squirm uncomfortably when I read these books. I even sometimes roll my eyes at Alexa Riley for this. Not all the time. But sometimes it is there.

The ‘I’m rich beyond compare, and she will have whatever she wants’. Take the film by Guy Ritchie, The Gentlemen. Now that was a picture of a man with power and yes, anything his wife wanted she got. But that was an exuberance of power the feeling was different. This just makes it a little too soft to me. I don’t know if it is because they are so openly lovey-dovey in front of people, as well as the male always being like ‘if she wants it she gets it’. But it just creates an overly stifling sense of cheesiness.

Which leads me to my next point. That overwhelming sense of cheesiness is so cringe that sometimes I have to laugh otherwise I’ll just skip over the chapters of lovey-dovey fluff. I love romance, I do and if any of you readers have read Crescent City that is the ultimate development of a love story to me. That ticked my boxes so much I screamed at the book “Don’t answer it!” when the character’s phone rang in the middle of a FINALLY long awaited and well-deserved hot steamy scene. But sometimes these erotic stories can be… two much pink and fluffy sickly sweet romance. But that is the same for all of them not just this one. I just noticed it more in this book.

Overall, this book was actually very similar to Alexa Riley, and I theoretically should have enjoyed it the same. However, I found myself getting a little impatient with it. Not only did I get to 50% of the way through and nothing had actually happened. But the main male character had stupidly stood up the girl of his dreams because his sister set them up on a date… she didn’t give him any details? I mean ok, blind date but he should at least have a name so he knows who he is asking for at the restaurant right? Wouldn’t that make sense? No, apparently not, and so he stood her up. There were also moments in the sex scenes that I had to make a double take. One sentence he had just gone down on her. The next sentence she had, had three orgasms.


Three orgasms isn’t too impossible, it can happen. My disbelief is the fact that it just happened. Where is the graphic detail that is usually in there? The building wave that takes over her? Or the (ew, I’m going to write it) cream to wet his lips? Did my book not download to the app properly? I don’t know but certain things seemed to be skipped over. Then there were scenes that just didn’t need to be that big.

Again, this is just me being nit picky. It wasn’t that bad. If you’re looking for something short and silly that hits your fancy for a HEA ending and some over the top instant love unprotected sex. Then this ticks the boxes for that.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!