Seasons of the Storm

Elle Cosimano

I am not really sure how I feel about this book. It is a YA-Fiction book. It has magic, action, adventure, and romance. But it was everywhere without the development. I think I enjoyed it but it wasn’t actually what I had expected. I’m not sure if this was a good unexpected. But I am about to break it down right now.

What it was about

As some of you know from when I finished reading I think it was ‘Fable’. It had a really long blurb. But basically in a nut shell it is about people that die and they are selected to be seasons. The main male lead you meet and follow first is Jack a Winter season. The main female lead you meet and follow alongside Jack is called Fleur. She is a Spring season. Now the seasons have been told that they have to hunt and kill the season that came before them. So, Autumn is killed by Winter, Winter is killed by Spring, Spring is killed by Summer, and Summer is killed by Autumn. Except obviously Jack and Fleur had issues with this system and decide to rebel. They take their other seasons with them who are also suffering with the hots for each other.

Thought 1.

We were already into the romance. Everyone had already met each other. They had been living in the observatory separately for years killing each other and loving each other. I think because of this I realised it was going to be a slow burner of a book. Lots of exposition, not a lot going on. Which is fine, Sarah J Maas, Crescent City, was a very information heavy for the first couple of chapters. But I can understand some people’s negative comments about it. I wouldn’t say it was the greatest example of Young Adult fantasy fiction, but it isn’t awful.

Thought 2.

Another thought that got to me was every now and then I would just get frustrated because the characters were too busy arguing and fighting that nothing was getting done. No one was changing. Or learning. They were just arguing and being suspicious of each other. I get that killing each other over and over again can leave a few scars. But… after a while they had been working together long enough to make me just get annoyed and roll my eyes at them.

Thought 3.

Fleur was supposed to be the losing season on their team. Jack was the winning season. Yet in every fight that came upon them he was weak! He was constantly getting his ass kicked. While Fleur was literally ripping people apart with tree roots. What? That is fine, Fleur can be strong… but at least throw Jack a bone and let him prove that he isn’t crap? Like not everyone is good at fighting. That is fine, but he was supposed to be able to beat Amber, the Autumn Season who trains nearly everyday? Yeah… no you must be joking. He was nearly useless.

Thought 4.

It was called Seasons of the Storm. Yet there was maybe… One storm in the entire book. And it didn’t really do much for them. They used it to escape. But then that was it. So I would have liked a little bit more oomph with the seasons of the storm effects.

Thought 5

(Please be aware this part is about the end so if you haven’t read it yet, or are reading it but not finished do NOT read this bit)

By the end of the book they were basically back the way they were. Except… Jack swapped places with Fleur’s friend so that he ended up with Fleur. And Fleur’s friend ended up with Jack’s friend. Nothing had really changed. He was still obsessive with keeping Fleur safe. And Fleur… I’m not really sure what she was thinking.


Overall, I think I liked it but it took me a long time to get through it and by the time I finished it I wasn’t too invested in it. I could be wrong. I could be being totally picky again.

What’s Next!?

Next on my reading list is Elise Kova, A Deal with the Elf King. I am hoping this is everything I have heard about this book. I have already started it and so far so good. But I will update you all as soon as I have finished it!

What I will say though is… the physical book is gorgeous. The first page of the chapters has images and patterns. The artwork is fantastic.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!