Kindle: Knocking Up His Bride.

Author: MINK

This author I found through Alexa Riley. They had posted her on their Instagram. I saw quite a lot of MINK’s covers posted on their social media but never really considered actually reading them because last time I branched out I wasn’t sure I really liked them. However, because Alexa Riley’s novels are short, quick reads I have read them quicker than they are released. That is basically a long way of saying… I have ran out of Alexa Riley kindle books. So, now I am testing out MINK.

MINK’s book Knocking up his bride, was an easy buy, 79p on Amazon Kindle. I picked this one because it sounded pretty similar to something Alexa Riley’s stuff. Playing it safe I picked this as my first go.

What is it about?

It is about two characters, Clover and Charles, who meet when she is in a car crash. She is in a car with a tour group trying to find a place to hide from a stalker. A cat causes them to swerve and crash. Charles witnesses the whole thing and decides to save them. Instant love ensues. Right from the get go he can’t keep his eyes and his hands off her. Also it was emphasised that he is an assassin.

My thoughts.

I liked it. I don’t think it was as good as the Alexa Riley stuff but that would be my personal preference and apparently bias. But it was ok, I have some reservations however.

It lined up for all of the women in this story to link up with all of the men. At this point I thought well… I know what the next three books are about in the series.

Ah, no there was something that made me think what? And that was… the main female character made a point to mention that she had trust issues and then apparently those issues were blown away? why? because he asked you to lead behind him? but that wasn’t because he wanted to trust her, no it was because he wanted to keep her as close as possible.

And one more thing that got me. It is only a small thing and I understand that it is possibly me being picky. But, the main male lead of the story seemed to imply that he was a very dangerous and lethal man. Yet at the end, when someone had infiltrated the site in which he owns. He was nearly beaten. He wasn’t prepared at all. It unfortunately just made him look arrogant. The one thing about Alexa Riley that wins for me is that yes, it may not be woman power of me, but it is nice that when the occasion calls for it the woman is saved by the man. I don’t know I could be wrong. But then again this is my opinion.

Another thing that I thought was a bit abrupt. It was the end. It just stops. with him explaining to her how he is what he is and that is it. It felt a bit cut and end. No link to the title or anything really. They don’t get married, and there are no children as far as I could tell… When I say tell I mean as there was physically nothing left to read of the book. So, maybe if you decide to give this a go, don’t take the title as anything other than literally a title.

Other than these little things it was good. It filled a certain fancy but not as well as the author I typically fall back on.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye.