Games in Politics

Part 66

Kyle was waiting at the threshold for Galahad to finish dressing before he would allow him to report. He was not allowed to remain with Halina. She had shouted at him and protested. She had even went to give Kyle a slap except Galahad had wrapped his arms around her waist to stop her. The warning in his eyes told her that he knew what she was about to do and that it was unwise. But that didn’t mean that she couldn’t use her voice.

“You could have given us one night!”. She shouted at him. Her arms were crossed tightly over chest and she sat with a thin white silk dressing gown on. She was sat at the edge of the bed, one leg crossed over the top of her other knee, glaring bitterly at her brother.

“I will gift you each other when I decide it, not when you feel in the mood to have a quick fuck”. Kyle replied. He sounded calm but deep inside she could feel the smug triumph in his posturing.

“We are doing as you asked, this is not interfering with anything to do with your… work”. She emphasised the word work as a remark. A spiteful remark which tightened his shoulders.

“Don’t force me to keep the both of you apart forever”. He smirked sarcastically.

“You are already doing that”. Halina snapped.

“You got to see him, didn’t you?”. Kyle sounded so smug that it nearly had her up and ready to scratch his eyes out. Her nose scrunched in pure raw fury.

“One day brother, I will make you swallow that smugness”. She spoke low and for once Kyle looked surprised by it but shook it off and looked to the opening door of her bathroom. Galahad stepped out. He looked as magnificent as ever in his black gear.

“What do you want to hear?”. He sighed, sounding a little defeated. “The mission was completed, not all of them were willing, and we lost some of the mothers as they were too far along… but everything you asked for was carried out”.

“Excellent, I have another task for you”. Kyle nodded. He threw a file at his feet. “You shall begin today, I want the oldest child of every family that resides outside of the main walls to join the armed forces, they must be male”.

“What on earth could you want armed forces for?”. Halina questioned.

“Not your concern”. Kyle looked at her lazily. “I do have a question for you though which since you are both here, I can get an honest answer”.

“For us? I can answer that for you already, no we have been doing exactly as you have instructed, I have sat through each and every one of your hideous meetings, listened to you and your council members laugh and mock the misfortune you have forced upon others, and Galahad has done as he was told, this was the first time we had seen each other since you sent him away”. She hissed. So furious it burned within her. Eating away at her fear.

“That wasn’t what I was going to ask”. He mocked. “I am already aware that you have been a good girl”. He leaned towards her as he patronised down to her. “Have you been using protection?”.

Halina choked on air and the biting reply she had prepared for whatever question she had thought he was going to ask her. She questioned for a moment if he was actually being serious. Even Galahad had stilled. She opened her mouth to reply. Yet her answer caught in her throat. What could she reply? Why was this information even relevant to him?

“What business is that of yours?”. Galahad snarled. There was a tone. Far more deadly than Halina had ever heard him.

“Well, I must know you see, it is now our policies to check all infants of possible defects, and if your report is anything to go by, the sooner the better”. Kyle answered. “I have also been asked by a few of the council men if you were available to marry, of course you could keep your boy toy here, they just wish to have the family connection”.

“No”. Halina and Galahad both answered. Kyle laughed.

“You think you can just say no?”.

“I said no, and no applies to both protection and marriage to some snobby friend of yours”.

“Why can you not just leave her be? She is doing what you asked, as am I”. Galahad sounded exhausted.

“Because I am not done, there is still much to do”. Kyle’s tone dropped. “She is my sister, my family, not yours, she is mine to do with what I wish, and if you both don’t stop arguing back with me then I will lock you in a room with one of my snobby friends until he fucks you raw and we have to get rid of those babies as well”. His words were final and sat in the room like a linger fog of poison. “Those boys that I have asked you to get, you need not have permission to take them”.

“Kyle, that seems unnecessary, please why not ask them? Would that not be wiser? Have you not tortured them enough?”. Halina could no longer bite back her tongue. “Please, just one thing, don’t take their babies as well”. Kyle softened his face and approached her slowly. Galahad discreetly stepped to block him from her. Kyle laughed and backed away.

“Dear sister, you have always been soft, always shying away from hostility, you never could understand what needed to be done to make our home great again, but you will once I am finished, what I ask of your assassin lover is absolutely necessary”. Kyle backed up towards the door. “If you do not leave within the hour, I will make her watch as you are executed long and slow”. He left them in silence.

© Jessica Crichton 2021