Kindle: Santa’s Secret Baby

Author: Alexa Riley

I think some of you will remember a long time ago that I had posted talking about an author on the Kindle 99p listing that I had taken a particular liking to. The only issue then was that this author was having issues with Amazon so at the time there were no new smutty novellas coming out until it was resolved. In the end I’m not sure it was overly resolved as Alexa Riley is still not really listed on Amazon when searched. Instead I have to go on the direct website to buy these smutty novellas.

I would like to make a note that this has meant that the price of these novellas has changed. Alexa Riley is American. This has resulted in the novellas only being sold in American Dollars. Which is fine I click pay and pay pal does the rest of the work for me. It just means the books have worked up a little bit more than 99p. So, if you decide to take an interest in these little quick reads for an evening by yourself and your sexual fantasies, or a deliciously comfortable forget the rest of the world bath. You’ll be paying $2.99 or £2.49.

Most recently because of course it was Christmas. I have bought from the author website. A short book called ‘Santa’s Secret Baby’… I know what you might be thinking because I thought it too when I read the title. “Oh my god, am I going to be reading Santa cheating on his wife?”. The answer is no. That isn’t what it was about.

In fact, it is about a young woman forced into marriage by a nasty man because she thought it would make her parents happy. On her wedding day, literally seconds after she is married, she has an instant love encounter with a (typical for Alexa Riley stories, this is not a criticism by the way) big power beast of a man, handsome, solid muscle, and rich.

They hit it off immediately. Quick orgasm sex with no protection. Yes, there was some baby making in there. Right after this instant hot and heavy scene, we find out that the evil groom and the sexy instant love to be are step brothers and the evil groom arrests the sexy instant love. Separating them.

My Thoughts

I love Alexa Riley. Sometimes yes, I can think they are a bit over cheesy, or a bit too immature for me. But usually I love them despite those reservations. And honestly, I enjoyed this book too. There were moments I actually laughed.

I like the rich and powerful male lead love interest that at the same time isn’t pompous or snobby and doesn’t think he is entitled. He works for what he’s got sort of thing.

However, this particular story from Alexa Riley made me feel a little, I don’t want to say annoyed but impatient. “OK, Let’s get passed this now”. A phrase was repeated quite a lot through this book particularly more frequently closer to the end and it wasn’t just for one character it was all of them. ‘Sting of tears to my eyes’. It can’t just be me who thinks that this line got tired very quickly. Or it did for me.

Another thing that I thought was a little silly was the female main lead. Why had she lost all faith in the idea of love? Yes, I mean sure her first husband the evil groom was a dick but the guy she had that one baby making moment wasn’t bad. And it wasn’t like he had just left without saying goodbye. He had been knocked out and dragged out. And she saw this happen. She was there when it happened.

This is where my reservations about the immaturity of the characters come in. This is only a minor thing that makes me cringe about these stories, but of course, this is just a smutty novella. The story is not meant to be a fantastical world crippling hit. Because of this I forgive it. There have been other things that have put me off reading other authors that write smutty novellas.

I still like Alexa Riley. What I am going to try and do now is expand my kindle list to other authors. See if there are other things to catch my fancy.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon!