Rescheduled Appointment.

The Original Appointment.

Bandit was supposed to have an appointment tomorrow for his eyes. I would say that it was just going to be a check up. See how his eyes are progressing… However I know that it won’t be just a check up.

This appointment would have turned into a blood test. Which would have then turned into more medication.

This would not have been just a normal check up.

How I Know This.

I have been medicating Bandit. I have been giving him his eye drops and as much as I think his eye might be looking a little better. There is still a little bit of pinkness on the whites of his eyes. This would mean that the vet would want to give him a blood test, and put him on more medication.

This would be money I just don’t have right now.

Insurance Update

I have an update on the insurance claim form that I accidentally left at the Vets office. Well… it was good that I had left it. As they informed me when I called that they would be sending it on my behalf. The vet just needed to compile all of his notes and reports. They said it just might take a couple of weeks.

I was like yeah, that’s fine. I thought that was normal. It is an insurance company. The one money grabbing deal that is legal in this world with no cap. Watch the Incredibles if you don’t believe me. Poor Mr Incredible was dying. But that wasn’t what they meant.

The vet took a couple of weeks to compile all of the reports. It wasn’t actually sent until the day before Christmas Eve. Honestly, my first thought about that was ‘Oh well… that won’t be dealt with very quickly’. Christmas and New Years are holidays that will delay anything and everything. Which is fine, again, I’ll be surprised if I even get any money for him.

That being said, I called them today just to confirm that they had got the forms. They had. The forms just had not been put through the system yet and the assessors have not looked over it yet. But it is there… sitting in the limbo of to pay or not to pay.

Rescheduled Appointment

Because I don’t have the money right now, and I quite possibly won’t receive any money for a while. I decided to call the vet to reschedule. Bandit doesn’t seem to be in any particular discomfort and I still have some of the medication for his eyes. So, my plan is just to keep it going until his next appointment. Which is in February…

I’m sorry… I feel like I might need to apologise for this post. I am working at the same time as writing it. So, my thoughts feel a little bit stuttery and dry at the moment which is making me feel a little bit like this post is just stuttery and dry as well. If you read it, great thank you, if you don’t… well, I don’t blame you. I think it is because I can’t seem to have a long coherent thought without getting interrupted which is interrupting any kind of writing I am doing right now.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!