My TBR List 2021

Sophie Snow

The Youtuber that I added to my post talking about Fable. I listened to her to be read list for 2021. Which made me realise… I have never done one of those.

I just love her accent.

Since this is a new year, I thought I could try out my own list. Although my list is going to be longer than hers so… bare with me.

To Be Read

A lot of these are going to be from the books I was gifted for Christmas. Oh goodness it is going to take me a while to list these. So, I am not going to stick to any particular order.

  • Eve of Man – Giovanna & Tom Fletcher
  • Eve illusion – Giovanna & Tom Fletcher
  • Air Awakens – Elise Kova
  • A Deal with the Elf King – Elise Kova
  • Pine – Francine Toon
  • Clanlands – Sam Heughan & Graham McTavish
  • Set fire to the gods – Sara Raasch
  • Star Daughter – Shveta Thakrar
  • Sky in the Deep – Adrienne Young
  • The girl the sea gave back – Adrienne Young

All of these are on my to be read list so far. I am unfortunately sure there is more. But as of… the end of work I am really not in the mood to list all of them. I finished work just a couple of hours ago so the inspirational mood that I started with when I managed to start this post just before work.

I will say that most of them are YA fantasy romances… I think. Ha! I can’t remember at this point. But I believe most of them are YA fantasy. Pine is not, and Clanlands is not. Clanlands will be the book that enables my fascination with the Scottish highlands. I have always wanted to go to the highlands. I always wanted to do the West Highland way walk. For some reason I just have not taken the opportunity to go. I love Scotland. Half of my family is Scottish. I want to learn more about it. I’m not sure how much this will actually teach me. But I will find out. Pine is a thriller novel based in Scotland… Can you see the pattern?

Honestly, I don’t actually know if I will get through all of them. I am a slow reader. A book that took the BookTuber two and a half hours to read… took me days. And that was because it really sunk it’s ocean world into me so much so that I ached to read it every time I put it down. Not all books will click this way for me so may take me even longer.

Currently Reading

I am still currently working my way through Seasons of the Storm. It is good, I am enjoying it. It has just taken me a little while to really sink into it. But I will go into more detail about that later once I have finished it. Plus I have also decided I am going to start setting some time aside to start reading Barack Obama’s book ‘A Promised Land’. I have some very high hopes about this read. It may take me a while however, just because… it is big, lots of pages and not very big font. I may be a while.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!