Getting back to Business.

Azure Aerial and Pole

I fell in love with the aerial and pole world. I love it. I always wanted to try aerial silks. I used to know a young girl on my swim team who used to do it. I wasn’t even put off when I heard that she had to have some time off from swimming because she had misjudged a wrap and fell on her head.

She is fine by the way. She was completely fine.

But the opportunity to try it never seemed to come up. Instead I focused on my swimming which I still love, but I don’t have the money for a gym membership that includes a pool. So, I haven’t managed to go back yet. I will probably be awful.

It wasn’t until I got to university that I came across Pole Fitness classes and Aerial Hoop. I wasn’t going to try it originally because I had an injury that was painful when I walked never mind did any of those things. However, I decided to go for it anyway because I didn’t want to wait and waste an opportunity when this injury has never recovered properly and I went to a doctor who in the end never referred me to physio. Instead they put me on these horrendously powerful anti-inflammatory drugs (Naproxen). I stopped taking them after a week because I was noticing a side effect. Red flags went off. I’m not going back to the doctors just for them to throw medication at me again. Instead I went for these fitness classes.

I am so glad I did. My injury was no longer as bad as it used to be. I still get the odd pop of pain but it is very rare these days. Before aerial and pole it was every time I took a step. It also introduced me to a very good and close friend. Me and this very good and close friend became business partners.

Instructing aerial hoop and pole classes. Azure Aerial and Pole.


Because last year we had been dominated by COVID-19 everything stopped. We stopped training. We stopped holding classes. What made it more awkward was that the venue that we were running classes in was changing and the building was going to be torn down. I don’t know if that has gone through yet because their decision to change venue happened during the lockdown.

Everything stopped.

I miss the pain when I have managed to learn something new. I miss the thrill each discipline gives me when I was trying something difficult and risky. I also missed the fun I had in the classes when I was teaching. The people in the classes would become friends and not just students. We would have a laugh. I miss that. I would most definitely prefer to be doing that for the rest of my waking life than what I am doing now.

Unfortunately, because of COVID all of that joy and happiness has gone. And now I have to answer calls. A job that is killing me on the inside every few minutes. Customer service sucks. In order to try and get some of the business back up and running we have started a challenge.

One challenge is for conditioning. Getting everyone moving again. I know for myself personally I haven’t done all that much moving in the last nine months. I imagine I am not the only one. These challenges are just to get you moving again. Nothing too hard or excessive.

The other challenge is for stretching. Sitting down for a long time can stiffen up the body. And if we are exercising again we want to be stretching to keep ourselves loose and limber. It will also be excellent to get those splits and back bends. Oh the dreams.

We also thought this would be a good opportunity for everyone to connect again. If they participate in it anyway. They don’t have to. It is getting me and my partner moving again and feelings like we are doing something for the business again. That is the main thing.

You can check out the videos yourself on facebook.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!