A Game in Politics

Part 65

Galahad slid Halina across the wall further up the stairs and wedged himself beside her. He blocked her view of the opening out to the archway. But she could hear the lazy footsteps getting louder as they got closer. They paused at the opening. There was a heavy slow breathing that replaced the footsteps. Followed by a click.

Galahad didn’t wait for the stalker to pounce. He looped himself around the wall quick as a flash. Halina was about to follow when there was a gunshot that split her ear drums. She ducked and peaked around the stone wall while her ears were ringing. From what she could see it was two figures all in black exchanging blows like an intense dance. Both were trained, but one had a gun, and the other a knife. There were a few more bangs from the gun that sounded like muffled pops. Her ears were already ringing from the first. She still flinched each time her heart sinking further and further into the acids of her stomach.

It felt like it was going on forever, and yet all the movements were so fast, she could barely follow it with her eyes. She kept praying that she wouldn’t see a final flash followed by the slumping of a body onto the floor. She would know that Galahad had lost. But that didn’t happen, instead the gun was the first thing to fall.

Following that was a series of accurate and lethal knife swipes and stabs. The victim’s grunts and groans slowly faded into Halina’s ear drums. She didn’t think they belonged to Galahad and she hadn’t seen the knife exchange hands during the whole fight. But if she was honest with herself she hadn’t truly seen much of anything the fight was nothing but a blare. The victim was backed up into the stone wall and everything seemed to pause in that one breath. Like the victor was deciding if he should finish him off now or not. Halina breathed a sigh when it wasn’t Galahad pressed up against the wall with a knife at his throat all slouched and bloody. She stood up and approached the two men.

“What do you want?”. Galahad snarled between pants and gritted teeth. The stalker simply laughed from his bloody throat. Halina considered that he was probably a handsome man if it weren’t for the gash that had ripped from the lowest right corner of his face to the upper left corner.

“I think the more pressing question should be, what did she do to attract Liam’s attention?”. The man chuckled. Halina didn’t have to think far to know who that was. Liam was one of the council members, he was relatively new to the position, he didn’t quite have her brother’s good faith yet. He was ambitious though, and Halina had noticed him staring at her. The weight of his eyes made her skin crawl. Galahad didn’t look at her, his eyes never leaving his target, his jaw clenched and twitched.

“My guess, it wasn’t something she did, if you want to live you’ll stay away”. Galahad warned. The stalker simply laughed again and he shook his head.

“No, no, you know how this works already, she’s been marked for claiming, you don’t kill me I will pop up again, kill me and another will take my place”. He said. Halina felt her blood run cold. Galahad didn’t hesitate. He tilted the man’s head and quickly sliced the jugular. The man slumped down against the wall. They waited a moment. That was all it was. A short single moment. The man was dead. Halina thought she would feel more about the fact that another man had died in front of her. She didn’t. Actually, there were only two things that crossed her mind. Relief that Galahad had survived. Fear that Liam had decided how to get Kyle’s attention. She swallowed the second one down and responded to her first. She threw herself at Galahad and wrapped her thin arms around his slender solid waist.

“I can’t stay long, Kyle will be waiting for his report”. Galahad sighed into her. His body relaxe. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and kissed the top of her head. She didn’t want to let him go. But he also didn’t want to leave her here.

“Come back with me”. She said pressing her face into his chest. She inhaled deeply getting the strong smell of a cheap body spray to mask over the fresh sweat smell from the fight.

“Kyle is going to kill me”. He whispered. Halina chuckled and nodded her head. She should let him go. But Kyle would send him on another awful assignment again and she would never see him again. “We will have to be quick”. She smiled into his chest as his words suggestively rumbled through her body. They could do that.

The snuck back into her room and had that one night of just them. Nothing else existed as they were skin to skin. Kissing and caressing each other’s bodies. A comforting warmth turning into a passionate heat. It was a merciful short time of bliss for the both of them. They both surrendered to their explosive pleasures.

Galahad collapsed onto his side next to her on the bed and scooped her into his body so that her back was to him. She smirked between pants.

“I thought you said you had to be quick”. Galahad chuffed and pressed a kiss just behind her ear.

“It’s fine Kyle can kill me now, at least I’ll die happy”. Halina playfully gasped and slapped his arm. He squeezed her and kissed a smile into her neck.

“Just don’t die at all”. For this moment they had completely forgotten everything, the world was outside of the room. Until… The bedroom door rattled violently in it’s frame. “Galahad! Galahad! Open this door now and report!”. Kyle was shouting through the door.