Another one bites the Dust.

A single sneeze.

That is all it took. One single sneeze and that is what brought Bandit’s food bowl to be sitting on my kitchen counter with a chunk missing out of it. That is two out of four bowls I bought as part of two sets broken. Two.

Bandit can’t take all of the credit however, Luna broke the first one. Don’t ask me how, because I really can’t remember but I know that she broke it and that I had glued it with no more nails glue. This was sadly only a temporary fix, because a few weeks later she knocked a lump of frozen meat out of my hand and it fell into the bowl splitting it completely.

Now this morning, I came down the stairs for the morning walk and outing. Given that today is going to be miserable with work anyway, I thought a walk might help clear the grey cloud that is literally sitting on me as we speak. When I opened the crate for Bandit to get out. He sneezed. His chin moving at possibly one hundred miles a second. And broke the bowl. I checked his chin and he didn’t seem to have hurt himself, but now he had ceramic sharp pieces in his bed which I couldn’t just leave in there.

Bandit likes to lie on his bed while eating. I imagine it is more comfortable for him given his back legs are as stiff as a wooden plank trying to bend. Sometimes he is slow at eating. Which is basically me saying he decides he doesn’t want to eat it straight away and will take all night. So, I left the bowl with him to eat his food through the night. He had, the bowl was empty, so luckily I didn’t have to clean up any meat.

But that is two bowls down and only two water bowls to go… I think the only reason the water bowls have survived this long is because they literally don’t have much interaction with the bowls except for drinking. Luna doesn’t get all that excited for water. And Bandit doesn’t need to sleep with his bowl in his face.

Bed Graveyard

I may have mentioned it once that Luna had vomited quite horrifically on a really good bed sometime after she had stolen food. Well that bed is still in the back garden… For some strange reason I don’t quite know what to do with it. Feels almost gross.

Well as of this morning another bed is currently in emergency recovery after I discovered, for some odd reason, Luna had shit herself in the night. By the looks of the damage it just shot out of her without warning.

At first my first reaction was… “Oh no, what the fuck do I do with that?”. I always feel that way when disaster strikes. I’m always stood there like, shit what do I do next? However, once I got the bed out of the house I just started pouring whatever I could on to it. Washing up detergent was first. I poured a lid full of washing detergent on the main spot of poop and I let it sink in while I cleaned the crate. Trying to get rid of any smells in the living room. Then I tried to get the hose on it…

The hose was frozen. No water was coming out of it, or running through the piping. To make it worse the actually nozzle was frozen when I tried to squeeze the water out of it to see if it would work. And… Er…

This was the trigger handle to the hose nozzle. It snapped off in my hands. This was my reaction…

After that I attacked it with hot water and fairy washing up liquid. I threw three buckets on to that bed and the stain wasn’t going away. The smell did, the stain didn’t. This saved the day.

Oh my goodness, to all dog owners out there! If you have carpets! and you don’t know about this carpet cleaner… you have no idea what you are missing. It is excellent. Now… of course because I used this on the poop stained dog bed I am not going to use the remainder of it on my living room carpets. This is now officially going to be assigned to my dog beds while I will be going out to buy a new bottle for the rest of my house when shopping day comes up. But this stuff has removed blood stains, poo stains, snot stains, whatever else my dogs want to throw at my living room carpet, it has dealt with it without a trace. I don’t think I could survive without this stuff.

I scrubbed it on the dog bed and the poop stain was gone within seconds. I was absolutely made up. And relieved. However, I had drowned the bed before using the carpet cleaner… so… it is still outside in dog bed intensive recovery. And I don’t know about everywhere else but where I live it started snowing! So, I don’t think it is drying anytime soon. I actually think it might be frozen.

I put a candle on and I sprayed and cleaned the area as much as I could but I still caught a whiff of the crime. It was then I noticed a stain on Luna’s paw. It was her. She was the source of the smell. I wasn’t about to have that. This was the second day on the new year. I was not going to be defeated by Luna’s arse. Introducing the second saviour of the day.

I don’t need to rinse it off. I don’t even need to get the dogs wet first. A few pumps of this either into their fur or on my hands and rub it into their fur and they smell excellent. That stain also disappeared. I was going to do just her. Since she was the one that needed it. Also that she hates… and I mean HATES being washed. I cornered her in the hallway. She was not getting away from me. Now… I wouldn’t recommend doing that to your dogs. It is stressful for them to be cornered and you never know how they might react in the end. But I don’t think I was in the right mind… plus it was Luna, she has only ever bitten other dogs back, and that has been after they have bitten her. She is a very good dog. Both Bandit and Luna are very good to me that way. But yes, as a typical rule of thumb you should never really force your dog into a corner unless you literally had no other choice.

After getting Luna, I turned and saw Bandit had been watching and thought I might as well since the Shampoo was out. Being the dog that allows me to do anything to him, from picking him up to help him down the stairs or in the car, to letting me put his eye drops into his eyes without resistance. He just lay there and let me wash him with this waterless shampoo like the good boy he is.

Peace has been restored to my home again. Except I am now down two dog bowls and two dog beds. Another one bites the dust.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!