My Biggest Distraction

Planet Zoo

The game that I can spend hours if not days playing. When I was younger I spent a lot of my free time playing two games. Sims and Zoo tycoon. Now that I am older… I haven’t changed at all! Now I play sims and Planet zoo. Except I am finding myself more attracted to playing planet zoo than I am the sims. The animals are ace. If I read some of the fun facts I am learning something new and the creators are always adding things to it. I’m in game love.

New Things!

One of the more recent features that I have been loving about this game is that you can now hire educators who run animal talks. This boosts your visitors education which helps boost your zoo rating. I love that feature, my only concern is a spend a lot of time assigning work zones and forgetting the new one I had just added as I build.

I am in game heaven with this game I love it. I constantly fall in love with it again whenever they bring out another update. Most recently it was an update to have… Giant Otters! And Grey Seals! Penguins! I can’t get enough. They only way this game could get any better for me is if they added more types of wolf in there as well as some of the different foxes.

Look at those graphics!

Time Management

I believe this game counts as a time management game. You build a zoo and you run it. Nothing particularly complicated about the premise. But managing a good zoo is the tricky part. You have to have all the right staff and if the staff need training they will need to be paid more, the facilities need to be built but the guests cannot see those facilities otherwise their happiness will just plummet to nothing. Then there are the animals. The beautiful virtual versions of the real versions you wish you could see in real life. They need to be fed regularly, they have to have plenty of space, they have to have water, something to play with, a vet to keep them healthy. And so much else! Honestly, I could go on at how complicated these things all tie in together.

I love games like this. However, there is something awfully ironic about the fact that it is a time management game and yet it ruins my time management in real life. If I was paid in real life to play this game however, oh god, I’d never be off the thing.

The graphics for this is immensely good. They have definitely put a lot of effort into the game. Plus if they get reports from the players of any glitches that may have come up they are constantly releasing patch updates with fun new updates that add to the gameplay of planet zoo. It is not badly priced either. And given that most of the updates are free and the updates (game packs) that you do pay for are usually never more than £8 I’ll take that as a win.

Aw! How beautiful is that!

Gaming Options

The game also offers different game play types. You can work through the scenarios which also work out to be tutorials as well as challenges. There is also the challenge mode in which you select a slab of land and then build on a budget completely from scratch. Or there is the sandbox option. If you just want to build your dream zoo. Unlimited funding. All research completed. Staff fully trained. You literally just get to build and off you go. So, I’d say there is a little bit of something for everyone.


Oh god, I really don’t want to do this but I’m going to. There is only one thing that kills me. One tiny thing that honestly, most people happily live without. Because the game is optimised to be as customisable as possible. You can literally use the shape of the land however you want for your zoo. The walk ways and gondolas and tram systems can interweave in the exhibits as much as you want without it changing the lives of your animals. Or your ability to keep them in their habitats.

But! for someone like me who lives of symmetry this is killer. Zoo tycoon fed and enabled my symmetric obsession with a grid building system. Planet zoo… doesn’t have that. You can make a box because of a snap feature or you can set the settings so that the barriers only do 90 degree corners. But… The amount of times I have had a mini inner cringe because my zoo looks wonky which in turn just looks messy… it is slowly killing me. But that is the only thing. To be fair that is a completely personal preference that not everyone is going to agree with. For some people you just know are going to have this massive creative spark and create mount Everest in game, or mount Kilimanjaro. Their zoos will look like mother Earth masterpieces. So, it isn’t a completely negative point. I would just never be able to make something like that. My zoos are plain. Square habitats with everything the animals need. Ha! I’m crap.

I was playing the game this afternoon when I was supposed to be writing. Hey ho, I am writing now right?

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!