Luna vs Markiplier

My guilty entertainment

I got to Markiplier quite late. This was the first video that got me to watch Markiplier more often than watching PewDiePie. I started watching PewDiePie because of the horror games. I like horror games, I’m just poo at playing them. But… PewDiePie sort of started to pull away from the games. I also found that I preferred Markiplier.

Markiplier was also the only YouTuber that could help me sleep after Bandit and Luna had been attacked a few years ago. I struggled to close my eyes because images of dogs teeth snapping in front of my face, but when I had Markiplier on it helped distract me enough while at the same time my brain switched off so that I could close my eyes and sleep.

I still watch some of his videos now. I have one issue.

In coming Luna!

Ever since that attack. Luna has began to react to me when I gasp or jump. She will begin to pester me none stop with whining and purposely shove herself into spaces that she is directly in my face. And she won’t stop until whatever she thinks has caused my startling moment of surprise goes away.

Here is an example.

In this video I am watching Markiplier play Phasmophobia with Jacksepticeye, Wade, and Bob. The video was fine but there was one moment that made me jump because the ghost popped into Markiplier’s face. I jumped. Luna wouldn’t leave me alone. She stressed out so much that she then did this – …


I got her off the couch very quickly. She and Bandit are not allowed on it and she knows this but she will still force her way onto it. Does anyone else find this with their poochies? The only way I can settle her after this is if I turn Markiplier off. And I can’t turn him back on because she recognises the sounds and fusses again.

For any of you with dogs if you think you trick your dog. Trust me you can’t! I even changed to a different video and she still wouldn’t leave me alone. She would not be tricked.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!