Naming your Blog

WordPress Course part 4

This next part I went into it and didn’t think it applied to me. It also didn’t ask me to post about it, but I think I am going to because I like what I have been posting lately. I haven’t been too frightened to go into detail. Whether that detail be how I think, or how I feel about something. I also have this strange feeling that this has brought me a little closer to myself again. These last few weeks I don’t think I have been myself… At all. I want to change that tonight.

Fighting to remain me.

Everyone in the world has that job, that type of work that just doesn’t sit well with them. You can watch everyone around you hate it maybe just as much as you but something about it just can’t cope and mix with you. Even when people say you have to get used to it, or oh we deal with worse. Please know, that they don’t matter, if you can’t cope with this one particular job, even if you convince yourself that if everyone else hates it too but they still do it, that job is just not good for you and if you can get out of it quick.

Don’t just smile and cope with it because everyone else is. Get out!

Anyway, I am currently feeling that with my new job. Which is a real shame because the company itself is wonderfully nice and the other agents are really nice as well. But I am just not coping with the job very well. Answering calls for businesses. Listening to rude, impatient, or just unhappy people. I haven’t been feeling myself for a long time. So, that is why me constantly keeping myself on top of the writing and posting is so important to me. This will help keep me with myself.

My Blog Name

My blog name is the username that I called myself for my Instagram and Facebook. I think it is perfect for me because it is a mix of the two main things I would like to do with myself as a career. Run my aerial and pole business with my friend and business partner. And write. It felt perfect and it was something that no one else seemed to be using. I thought it was unique enough for me and it spoke directly to me without being clunky. I think it works very well. Aerial Writer.

Tagline Trouble.

Where I sort of had trouble creatively thinking about was the tag line. I know it needs to be snappy and memorable. But I never think any of my snappy quick thoughts are any good so I originally went for something quite generic without properly giving it much thought. However, after reading through the next section of the WordPress course I have realised that my original tagline was crap.

My original tagline didn’t really have anything specifically to do with me except that it had the word – word – in it. Plus it didn’t really give any sort of insight as to what was going to be on my blog. So, it has changed. Honestly, it isn’t short but I like it.

Running with Dogs, Dancing in the sky, Writing and Reading to Distant Worlds.

Jessica Crichton (AKA me).

I like this one better, it includes everything about my blog while keeping relatively short. I didn’t have to go into a massive synopsis. So, this is the one I am going to stick with. I hope you like it just as much as I seem to.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!