Eye Vet Update

Appointment 3.

On Friday myself, Bandit, and Luna made the long journey to the Eye Vets. The journey there and the journey home afterwards took up in total a quarter of petrol in my car. As always the dogs were really good and just chilled in the back of the car, while I drove down the motorway.

The appointment went as smoothly and quickly as it could have gone. I parked the car. Luna started making a lot of noise, which she normally does when she realises we have reached our destination, and I called the office of the vet to let them know I had arrived. Before the vet came out to get Bandit, I got them both out of the car and gave them a little wonder around the car park. When the vet spotted us the first thing he asked about was Bandit’s legs…

I always, always feel bad because he is stiff and I know it isn’t great. But I can’t stretch my money any further, I am financially crippled, so I am doing what I can for him. This unfortunately means that I haven’t been able to take him to his normal vet about his legs because that will involve painkillers I just cannot afford. Not on top of this eye vet as well.

So, when I told him that I hadn’t taken him back to his other vet, this vet proceeded to ask me what I do. This brought me back to a statement he declared during that first ever appointment with him. When he openly admitted that he is boldly unafraid to tell people if they shouldn’t have the dogs that they have. All I can think of at this point is… If he says this to me, I’ll cry, I’ll cry hard. The last two weeks I have been a water works disaster zone. And I won’t go back. He won’t see Bandit again, I will go back to my normal vet then and see what they can do to help him.

Anyway, he took Bandit away and checked him out for twenty minutes while I wondered the car park with Luna to try and chill her out again before putting her back into the car. When the vet came back out with Bandit he said that his right eye is looking good and we are going to start working that eye off the medication. His left eye however, is another thing. It is still pink and puffy. Which the vet has said may mean that he may benefit from oral steroids, but in order to know that he would need to have a blood test. He hasn’t been put on them yet, actually we are going to see if the eye drops work a little longer.

So, left eye is going to continue with the four times a day two different eye drops while his right eye is four times a day one eye drop and two times a day the other eye drop. If the left eye improves more than he may not need the blood test and the oral steroids. But if it doesn’t given that I am already financially crippled the next appointment is just going to flat line me.

I know you are all probably reading this like, money shouldn’t be what matters, but when you can tell me that when you are literally getting constant notifications that you have passed the limit of your overdraft and payments such as your pet insurance are going to cancel because the payment bounced. And then you can tell me that money isn’t what matters because it does. It isn’t like I am worried about money in the sense that I don’t have a lot, I am worried in the sense that I want my dog to get better, and as much as this vet is judging me right now his appointments and medications and treatments are expensive. I even did a stupid thing, I gave him the insurance forms to fill in so I could make a claim. I had them signed and everything, I just needed his part filled in and signed. But in my stupidity I accidentally left the forms with them. I got the invoice, I got the medication instructions, and I paid for the appointment. But then I got halfway down the motorway home and cursed myself.

The reason it will financially flat line me, is because a blood test by itself costs £100, that is without how much it is going to cost to see the vet, and the medication he prescribes after that.

I want him to get better as well, that is my main concern but if he needs more treatments and I can’t afford them that means he isn’t going to get better. So, in light of this information I have decided I am going to start doing more hours at work. More days to make the extra money. These extra hours will start after Christmas week. So, to all the Americans that I talk to on the phone… HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Thank you so much for reading! Write again soon! Bye!