Setting Goals

WordPress Course part … 3?

I can’t remember if this is the third time I am posting about this or the fourth but we are just going to roll with it.

This next assignment that the course has set is for me to set goals. This is to help keep my blog focused and to keep me focused. Because of course if we achieve these goals you feel great you feel motivated. This seems great and to you positive thinkers out there. This is a great idea. But I know me. I am terrible at setting things up for myself like goals or daily tasks and… I usually never make it. These days anyway. I constantly break promises with myself. Which as you can imagine is normal, and the course has clearly thought about this because they instructed me to post it to you. So, you my readers can hold me accountable if I don’t do what I promise.

The Worst promise that you can break, is the one that you make to yourself.

David Kirsch

Creating a Habit

The best way for me to accomplish my goals, I think, would be to create habits. Now there is an issue. I have just searched how many days does it take to create a habit. The answer I got was somewhere between 18 – 256 days. WHAT!? This can depend on the person, the behaviour, and the circumstances.

I am hoping that it doesn’t take that long to create the habit. Oh my god 256 days? How many months is that roughly, oh Christ, 8.5 months. 9 months is basically the answer. Well, that is depending on if I am that person that needs all of those days… wish me luck!


  • I would like to build a routine that meant that I would post daily. I would like to start building this after the Christmas Holiday and hopefully have this fully established by the end of 2021.
  • I would love to start getting to know you, reading more of your content, and interacting with your work more. I am planning to do this after the new year as a new year resolution.
  • Another goal that I have set is to hopefully reach more of you.

I have decided that I don’t really want to give myself a time scale for the last goal because if I can forever reach more of you and spark your interests then I have won. Every day.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!