Blood & Honey

Shelby Mahurin

I now have to wait for the release of the third book in this fabulous series and let me just say. I am dying slowly from the unknown until it is released.

Wow, that is a clear image.

Brief Summary

This book begins directly after the first instalment of this series finishes. Lou, Reid, and their little group are currently hiding away from the twistedly evil Morgane. While still dealing with their emotional traumas and struggling to accept the changes that they are going through. They concoct a plan to strike Morgane during one of her plans. Well what they suspect is her plan. They plan to gather the other magical beings together to help their cause. Now obviously things go wrong, things get messy. And as with everything in this book nothing is as it seems.

Trying not to spoil

I am trying to write a brief explanation of what happens without spoiling it for any one who has unfortunately not read it or finished reading it yet. I hate the fact that people literally live to spoil these amazing stories for everyone else. Like… why? It isn’t actually funny. And what have you achieved doing that? Nothing. You just prove that you’re another mean person.

My thoughts

I loved this book. I spent the last few hours of my day before work reading it to the end. It took me so long to get through, not because it was a bad read, but as I have said before I am a slow reader and also the fact that I am currently going through some things right now so reading or anything hasn’t really been at the forefront of my emotions. But this was a good book if I had it my way it wouldn’t be put down at all. Unfortunately, I had to put it down, for work and life. I chose very specifically not to read while working because I just know that I will purposely ignore the calls coming in just to continue the book.

The characters made me feel just as confused, conflicted, and upset as they were. There were moments in which I worried about the relationship between the two main characters that you follow in the book. They were both going through some pretty dramatic changes and it was definitely creating a rift between them. This rift between them may have been the reason that there wasn’t really any juicy hot scenes. I thought there would be more given that the first book had a wonderful scene in the first book that was well worth the wait. But not really, they do have a moment. But again it was wonderful, big, important, and needed. Though there wasn’t many juicy romance parts it didn’t take away from the relationship that the main characters had.

There were new and very interesting characters introduced into the story. They were all very weird and particularly strange in their own way. Powerful and fearsome so it left a lot to the imagination as to how these characters are going to succeed in this situation.

I get concerned with sequels. Usually because creators of films and books have a tendency to forget that their characters have already been through certain inner conflicts which is why they go through a change which is what the stories are about. And because they forget about this they make them go through the exact same conflict again to learn the exact same conclusion once again. The best example… and it makes me sad to say this… the film despicable me. I love this film I really do, the first one was excellent. The second was literally him realising that his family is the most important thing in the world to him. Which he did that in the first film… So, I was concerned with this second book in the series. That doesn’t seem to be the case however, the characters have developed and stayed developed. There is still the bigger conflict but there are the new sub-conflicts as well. My worries were not necessary! Yay, having a mini celebration!

I am excited to see how the third one goes. The new characters are now in the mix and have already begun to strike their influence for the third book. I am desperately hoping Reid pulls through for me in this third book. So far Reid hasn’t disappointed me at all, he is genuinely a nice guy, plus I can tell that he noticed something. I am just hoping he does something about it, or at least gets someone to help him do something about it. Fingers crossed for the third book!!!

Next on the ‘To be read’ List.

I was thinking long and hard about this. Staring at my book case like I had just broken and lost my mind. My book list has been growing, and will be growing just a little faster than I can read at the moment. But isn’t that the best way to do it. We all know that within our lifespan there is no fundamental way that we will get to read every book that we want to in the world. Life is just not long enough. But at least I have got the books there so that I can choose to read them while I am still alive and try to cram in as many books as possible… If any of that made sense, great! If it didn’t well… it made sense in my head what I wanted to say.

Anyway, the book I have decided to pick to read this time is Fable by Adrienne Young. I have heard very good things.

She read this in two and half hours! Wow!

I have recently found this BookTube and I have found I love, love, love, love that accent. She’s very clear when she talks about the book plus, a great bonus, no spoilers.

This will be what I read next and unlike the YouTuber I will not be that fast… If I was that fast I wouldn’t be working as an answering service, I’d be working as a proof reader.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!