Games in Politics

Part 63

She went straight to her room and locked the door behind her. Her heart was pumping inside her stomach. It churned and bubbled until she couldn’t take it anymore. She ran for the private bathroom and emptied her stomach into the toilet. She just couldn’t get it out of her head. Babies. Innocent unborn babies. Because their scans show an anomaly. She collapsed onto her knees and sat down onto her feet. Her hand covered her mouth and wept. A few minutes later her door clicks unlocked and Kyle follows her into the bathroom. She gags and dived for the toilet and coughed up the remains of her stomach. Kyle gasped.

“So, you’re not a liar then”. Some of the councilmen had followed in behind him. “Fine, we will reconvene later after she has recovered, go and enjoy the rest of your day gentlemen”. They all left her as she sagged back against the leg of the sink. The cool white ceramic pressed against her back and cooled through her clothes. Halina was covered in sweat and felt as if the world was falling out from under her.

© Jessica Crichton 2020