Hello, WordPress Course.

Let me explain…

Ignore the last few seconds about healing.

So, I have been doing this for a few years now. I sort of realised I still don’t really feel like I know exactly what I am doing. Due to this feeling I have decided to participate in the WordPress Beginners Blogging Course. I am hoping that this will help me make a much more interesting and exciting blog to come across. One of the first things the course has assigned me to post a hello post to reintroduce myself. As a result that is literally what I am about to do now. Here goes.


Hello readers. Thank you for taking the time to read this reintroduction. My name is Jessica Crichton, but online I use the username AerialWriter. I have a tendency to become very embarrassed about myself, mostly with the things that I do. A good example is I still have trouble speaking openly about the idea of becoming a writer. Talking about the fact that I am working on a Novel makes me feel really embarrassed in myself. Not because being a writer is anything to be embarrassed about but because I don’t think I am very good at it. Though this embarrassment hasn’t stopped me from writing, it has stopped me from showing everyone everything that I have ever written…

My beautiful little girl dreaming away.

As everyone already knows, I have two beautiful huskies. They are so good to me I probably don’t deserve them. They howl and make lots of noise if they don’t get their way, they know what they are doing is naughty but they do it anyway because they know love conquers the need to kill, ha! Bandit is my grumpy old man but secret cuddle lover, and Luna is my attention seeking glutton but doesn’t want to be cuddled.

Another part of me is exercise. I love it, though like every human being in the world sometimes I struggle with motivation and… Junk Food. But my biggest love in exercise is Pole Fitness and Aerial Silks. Even though these exercises are pretty painful, I love how some of the moves look, I love how strong it makes me feel, and I like that sometimes I can be counted as a dancer even though… I can’t dance to save my life ha! These sports also help me to forget that I have seriously low self-esteem with my body and the way I look in general. These exercises help me focus more on trying to get that nemesis move rather than trying to change me. I look at how to improve my strength and flexibility to finally crack it. Which is why myself and a very close and good friend of mine started a business in it. You can check us out on Facebook – Azure Aerial and Pole – we also have a website – Azure Aerial & Pole (wordpress.com).

I am in love with books. In love with them, and the one good thing for me that made 2020 (Other than getting a house of course) was the book Sarah J. Maas released this year Crescent City. Oh, I have spoken about this book before but oh my goodness I can’t let it go. It hit all the right buttons for me. It was sexy juicy even though there was no actual sex (much to my devastation), the development of both characters was superb I absolutely loved them and the connection they had together, the world was massive, and everything was neatly wrapped up in a crimson and gold bow. It was excellent! Yes, unfortunately you would have to get passed the information heavy beginning there is a fantastic story waiting for you.

Writing is my number one dream! All time dream. If someone could please give me the opportunity to write full-time for the rest of my life that would be wonderful. The only thing is… I can sometimes have a grammar booboo. I don’t know why but sometimes me and grammar just don’t always mix. Sometimes we are great and I can write beautiful sentences other times you’d think grammar left me behind in year 1 of primary school. Sometimes certain words throw me… my unfortunate nemesis is (Ha would you believe) Passed and Past. I hate this word. Hate it. I hate because ever since my ex-boyfriend pointed out that I had accidentally used it wrong many years ago and made me feel like a complete idiot, I hesitate whenever that word comes up. I don’t know why but I never know if I am using it correctly, I know I used it earlier but… I’m still looking at it now like… Oh my god… Have I done that right? Am I an idiot? The answer to that is yes. Yes I am, but my pet hate is being made to feel like an idiot. I know I am, so I can’t really explain it but I hate it if someone makes me feel like it. Anyway back to the point, writing, is my number one dream thing that I would love to do please.

Why am I blogging publicly instead of keeping a diary

A image I got off google images.

That is a very good question. OK where to start. Hmm, alright well, I have always loved the idea of blogging. I just don’t think I am very good at it. I’m not really sure, I want somewhere that I can write and it could be seen. I would like to think that blogging is the proof that not everything I write is complete trash (Even though it probably is). Also, non-writing related, sometimes I feel like I need to voice out something in my head and I would like to voice it out without another voice arguing that I am either too sensitive or I just have to accept how everything is. I mean sure people could comment, but at the end of the day that is still me getting it out of my head.

What topics do I think I’ll write about.

Oh dear, well first thing would be books. I am going to try and start looking more into books. Writing about the books that I am interested in reading or adding onto my list of to be read. The books that I have read. Which reminds me I am still reading Blood and Honey by Shelby Mahurin. It is so good, I have many thoughts, but I haven’t finished it yet just purely because with the new job and routine change life has been hectic. Also the books that are due to be released soon.

Writing is obviously a thing I will continue to do. So, posting my own story parts. I am thinking of making my blog into something a little bit like… has anyone ever seen or come across the website called coolmic? If not let me explain, it is basically a website in which you can read manga online, you get the first part free to see if you like it then you buy the rest of the parts, there are loads of different genres to choose from and if you are so inclined you can read some of the more explicit Manga that they have available. But I would like to be a little bit like that. So, you can read the first part, and then the rest of the parts maybe would be part of a premium plan.

I would also like to go into the topic of my pole and aerial journey. Of course, with the current situation it is a little difficult as my partner and I do not have our own studio and no gyms are open. Plus, my stage pole I can only use outside and I don’t know about the rest of the world but outside is rainy and cold. I don’t fancy trying to train in the rain while freezing to death. I can attempt being cold while training the cold eventually isn’t noticeable since I’ll be exercising but the rain would make it nearly impossible to grip and useless. The same goes for aerial silks too. I would love to train, and I will try it in the cold. But when the rain hits which seems to be almost everyday now as it is that time of year. No, it’ll just ruin the silks. I’m not into ruining – One, such beautiful equipment. Two, expensive equipment. – To fill that gap I have been writing about my running, I will be returning to the Chloe Ting workouts. It is going to happen (Hopefully tomorrow but I constantly break promises to myself so… I’m not hold my breath).

The last topic, but certainly not the least. My dogs. My howling, food stealing, fluffy fiends. I have already graced this post with my beautiful baby dreaming in the video above. They steal my food, they wake me up, they let me know when I messed up for them, and they also stick their noses into every bit of business I have. Most recently they have stuck their noses into our Christmas tree. Thankfully we haven’t decorated it yet so nothing has been destroyed. It is just being watered by the rain right now so that it doesn’t die before both myself and my partner are free to decorate it together and to make an evening of it. They get fur everywhere. And I want to write about it every time they do.

Who would I love to connect with via my blog.

Hmm, this is a really good question. This is the same question I have to think about for my business to. The audience. Who are my audience. I’m really not sure! Honestly, if you have dogs, please, have a read, share your own experience with me, or comment any advise you might have for me, I am open to that! If you don’t have dogs but love them and want to know just the typical excursions that they get up to, check them out, every dog is different, my dogs are a very good example of that, but you can get a rough idea of what it might mean if you did one day end up with a puppy. I know myself now that if I do decide to look after another beautiful husky puppy, I will have a better idea of what to do. If this helps you great. Or you just want to know you are not alone! Trust me you definitely are not dogs are mischievous naturally!

If you train pole or aerial silks and have any off the equipment training exercises or plans, please! share them with me! I am going to be teaching myself how to do the things that I see, so any help, I will gladly take it. Or even if you don’t and you’re just curious about the disciplines. Maybe you’re a fitness person, great help me build my fitness too, I’m up for that. Or again, if you’re not fitness at all, trust me a lot of the people that I teach pole and silks, are not fitness people, they join the classes because they are fun and it is a great space to make new friends.

If you love books. I have nothing more that I need to explain with that. If you love books yes! Just yes! Talk books to me! I don’t know every book in the world, I haven’t read some of the greatest authors in the world and history. But hey! Talk to me about it, get excited about characters with me, everything books. Plus if you love stationary, oh yes we are definitely new best friends.

If you’re a writer please help me! I’ll take advise on how to make myself better! Any advice I will take. Just please be nice, feedback please not just critiques with no advise on how to fix it please. Also… just be a nice person… fed up of seeing these videos were people are going in for interviews or auditions and the employer or director are just awful people. They play nice to your face, and then make awful comments when they think you can’t hear them… and then when they realise they have been caught out they are like “Oh, I’m so sorry”. No they weren’t. They were sorry they got caught. Not sorry they said it. Just be a nice person please, genuinely nice please.

Here it is… Don’t be that person please.

If you don’t any of these things. You don’t have to like everything all together, but if you don’t like any of these things at all. Then this is not for you. You… are not my audience.

If I blog successfully throughout the next year, what do I hope to accomplish?

I would like to think that this was a simple answer. I don’t really think I know exactly. I would just love to be a writer. If I get to the point in which I can call myself a writer by the end of the year then yes, I can say I made it.


Wow, this is a long post. Well, long for me. But! I hope you enjoy reading it… now. I’m going to bed. I’m shattered and I can’t wait to get Friday over with so I can enjoy some days off.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!