Running and Daydreaming

Animal – Jim Yosef & Riell

I am a little worried about being flagged for copyright on here but I am going to put it here and state that I bought this song on Amazon (Seriously, promise). And I did not create this song. This song was created by Jim Yosef and Riell. Who I highly recommend everyone check out.

But this song is just hitting the right spots for me right now. When that violin section comes up I’m flying in another world and I think that is important when you are going for a run. Running is not structurally or technically hard to do. You put one foot in front of the other a little faster than if you are walking. But is one of those exercises that people find difficult for other reasons. Sometimes it might just be a case of their fitness makes them feel awful throughout their body when they are running and they can’t mentally think through it. Sometimes they get bored with their own thoughts. There may be others but they are the main two that I know so I am using them as an example. Yes, I get that it is natural for people to listen to music while exercising but I know I find sometimes when running the music zones out for me. If it isn’t quite hitting the right spot for me and it is just on because it is next in the playlist my mind doesn’t listen to it, it is just playing.

But maybe instead of thinking yeah, I could move to this, this will do. Find a song that gets your mind imagining things. So, if you’re a dancer and you’re going running, imagine a routine while running, how would you move to that song. If you like writing or reading like I do, I either imagine the book I was just reading, or a scene that I am trying to write in one of the stories that I am working on. I forget about the running. My body just moves and is doing the work without my brain concentrating on it. This may seem like an obvious post for those of you who run regularly, but I am often told by friends that they just can’t do it.

So, from me to friends, if you’re thinking of going running but hate every second of it. Find that thing, it doesn’t even have to be a song, it could be something you watch, read, play or whatever before the run that sets your focus on something else not the actual activity.

I went running yesterday, my shoes have decided out of nowhere to start leaving these lovely, red, sore looking blisters on the backs of my heels. They have not done that before, they have created blisters on the bottom of the inside of my soles before, which let me tell you is pretty god damn sore, but never on the backs of my heels. And the worst part was that I didn’t notice. I didn’t even notice until I got home and I had to stretch out and there they were.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!