Games in Politics

Part 62

Halina didn’t know how to best to react. This wasn’t a sexual move Kyle was presenting. What this told her and everyone else that could see them was he had complete control over her. He could do whatever he wanted and get away with it. Her eyes stared at that hand. How easily it remained resting on her thigh.

She imagined snapping each finger back until each tiny bone was broken and dislocated from its original position. Make his hand completely unusable. Then she realised that she didn’t even know how to. She would make a mess of the one job she really wished she could do right now.

“What is the method for removing future weakness?”. One of his councilmen asked.

“I have already begun the process, scans for babies before they are born that have birth defects, I have already sent a man to abort those unborn weaknesses, we will breed super human generations”. Halina felt all of the blood rush away from her face. Galahad… It had to be.

“My god, that’s brilliant, but won’t the families have something to say about it?”. One of the sick bastards commended.

“That doesn’t matter, they either lose it or lose their own lives with it, it will be their only option”. The councilmen all clapped their support. It was the one thing Halina could not clap for. She stood up from her chair.

“Gentlemen, please excuse me, I am feeling a little under the weather”. She gave them a nod and exited the meeting. She could feel Kyle staring into her back. She would pay for that later. She knew it.

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