Games in Politics

Part 61

Halina thought about Galahad, she had not seen him last night, he left after being summoned by Kyle and had not returned. She couldn’t steady her quickening heartbeat whenever she worried for him. It would be in Kyle’s twisted nature to send him off onto something unforgivably cruel…

“What is this system that you have in place to remove the trouble of the national health care?”.

“It is quite simple really, first we must look into weak genetic structures, and remove them from our future society”. Everyone around the table clapped except for Halina. Kyle gave her a little nudge with his elbow. She pretended that she had not been listening, that she had not been completely horrified by what his statement implied. She slowly clapped her hands together and then dropped them when everyone else did. She remembered the arrangement agreed upon by the two of them. She would make everyone believe she agreed with him. Kyle leaned to the side to whisper into her ear.

“Did you forget our deal?”. He asked while the councilmen rambled on.

“No, no, just bored, you know how I am at these meetings”. She replied and shrugged away his elbow. Kyle gave a quiet low chuckle.

“Ah, yes, you never change sister, I remember those days we would mess around during father’s meetings”. He sounded amused, then his tone flattened. “But these are not father’s meetings, these are mine and you will pay attention”. She pressed her lips together an nodded.

“Of-course”. He gave her a swift nod and returned to the meeting. However this time he dropped his hand on her leg.

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