Singing the Song of their People

The main question I am always asked about my dogs, and it is the same one every time. Do they need a lot of exercise? Well yes, but that is a given for all pets, every animal likes to move around, and they didn’t build a life for themselves that involved torturous amounts of hours doing something they hate just to maybe scrape enough money together to feed themselves while others purposely shit on their heads and call it strong and stable. So, living at a house could be very boring for them given that they no longer have to hunt for their food so they need another form of stimulus to engage with them.

However, they also need routine. I think that has been the big one for my two fluffballs. Because of the new job and the new routine the dogs have been a little howly lately. I have an example. My partner was recording this while he was working. You mostly hear Luna giving it beans while Bandit is brief but you can still hear him.

I can’t see if this is loading. But if you have watched it and listened to my beautiful babies singing. This is due to the fact that I went on a run and left them behind. This is something they are not used to, I took them for a walk and then dropped them off to go for a run. They are not used to that and decided to be howly.

This is something Luna does regularly. When my sleeping pattern is off she will howl until I wake up to let me know I should be up and walking now. If I am working and my partner decides to go to bed early. She will sing at the top of her lungs to let everyone in the house know that this isn’t ok, this is not her bed time. Bandit is normally silent. Which is why this is a rare thing to hear as well.

So, to answer the question to everyone who is thinking of getting a dog or more specifically a husky. Yes they do need at least two hours of exercise but they also need routine. They like to know what is coming and to know exactly when it is coming. Not to say they don’t like anything new. But don’t mess with the times in which they go for walks, feeding times, or sleeping and waking times.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!