Games in Politics

Part 60

“It won’t, you see gentlemen money is our friend, and I have a system in place that will make it so that we don’t have to worry about the scroungers on the medical or benefit system, we will have a fully functioning industrial world of worker and master, all I need is your co-operation”. Kyle leaned forward so that his elbows rested against the table his fingers linked together in front of his face hiding his wry smile. Halina hated that smile.

It was a smile she had seen mostly in his recent years as he grew older. At the times when she knew that he was growing ambitious in the wrong ways. He was growing dark opinions about how the world should function. Who was entitled to it, and who wasn’t. That smile had more than once made her argue with him when they were younger. Now, it made her insides secretly wince and her tongue remain firmly locked behind her teeth. The other members did not seem to notice or care, she wasn’t sure which one was more accurate, but they continued to question their concerns about their own financial futures rather than the integrity and wellbeing of the people that they were now very much responsible for.

© Jessica Crichton 2020