Games of Politics

Part 59

Halina was never allowed out of Kyle’s sight unless it was to go to the bathroom or to bed. It was getting rather claustrophobic to be around him and the zealots that he chose as council men. Each one of them thought they were more cunning than her brother with no idea how calculated and cruel he could be. They also overestimated how much they thought he needed them. If they said anything out of line, they may not have realised it yet, but Kyle would secretly note that done on a mental tally chart. For every offence he had a punishment strategically planned out. It was always with a personal touch to whoever was receiving the punishment. It was why, right now, Halina sat at Kyle’s side and kept her mouth perfectly shut.

“We have been reviewing your new policy suggestions regarding the lower classes and some of us have some questions”.

“Of course, you do”. Kyle said. “Go on”.

“How is this going to affect our money?”. Kyle looked at the member with the question. Halina didn’t recognise him. In this meeting hall that her father died in. They had repaired the window above their head already. She recalled how innocently her and Kyle had been on normal terms because somewhere deep inside she had not believed he would come into power. How wrong she had been.

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