I wanted to try something new.

When I said that I was taking a step away from everything because a couple of weeks ago I felt a little bit like I was falling apart. Well, I decided to also completely contradict myself and try something new. It isn’t really new, I studied it a little bit in high school, but I am old now so I will need to start from scratch anyway.

I decided to learn another language! Yay!

This new thing was sadly very short lived but I can explain why in a moment. I looked up the different learning another language platforms. There is babble, and rosetta stone as the two big ones that I know of. I decided on rosetta stone just because it had more languages on offer to try to learn.

I wasn’t sure what language I wanted to try first if I was honest, but I thought I’d keep it simple and go for Spanish. Now this is not me saying Spanish is simple. What I mean by that is that I was learning Spanish in high school so I thought I might recognise some of it and not scare myself out of learning the language. Because let us be honest learning another language is a difficult thing.

This was short lived because unfortunately when I thought you could pay monthly for the subscription, apparently you pay for it all in one go. I understand the reason they break down the payments like that but… if you are going to break it down at least make that option available. I can’t afford to pay for it all in one go right now. Which is sad times because I would really like not to be poor one of these days. So, I learned as much as I could in the three day trial that I had and now it is kind of being put on pause until one miraculous day I am rich and can afford to learn these things. (I can dream).

I have learnt a few words… not that if a full blown Spanish person spoke to me I would understand any of it, but I have noticed nice little pronunciation characteristics. The R letter in the words are typically pronounced by pressing your tongue to the top of your mouth and purring the R out. Unless it is at the end of the word. So, hombre is purred but mujer is not. Then things with a double L in them makes a Y sound. So, ella actually sounds like Aya.

These are not useful things to have learnt so far I know but I had three days! I’d like to expand this but for now me achieving something will have to be put on hold… again. If I ever become rich at least I will be proud of myself to know that I would try to enrich myself with other languages.

Thanks for reading. Write again soon! Bye.