Games in Politics

Part 58

“You want me to poison women?”. Galahad couldn’t hold back the question as the papers landed at his feet.

“No, I want you to abort their babies”. Kyle again spoke casually as if this was nothing. Galahad’s heart sunk to his stomach. This was worse than any request Ramses had ever given him. When Galahad didn’t respond Kyle smiled and added onto his atrocious command. “Their scans show defects that have no place in this world, we are going to cleanse them”. Galahad swallowed hard. “Think of it as, us assisting natural selection”. What Galahad wanted to think about was refusing. This was twisted. Nothing could excuse this.

“We aren’t natural though”. Was what he said. It was careful, calculated, he couldn’t risk him going after Halina because he spoke out of line.

“Well, we are animals, it is only natural to favour the strong, like yourself, you were strong, so you have survived”. There were so many things wrong with that sentence but Galahad bit back any remarks he could make about being strong to a spoilt boy. Galahad bent down and picked up the documents. Some of these women were quite a way into the pregnancy… wasn’t there a time limit for aborting babies?

“This could kill the mothers as well”. He whispered.

“Well… yes but that is the risk that nature demands when we decide to have children”. Kyle shrugged and returned the chair at his huge desk. The blood stains from Ramses throat were still pooled on the surface of the desk.

“This is-…”. “Before you say what I suspect you want to say… think about my sister, she and I are going to be very close from now on, do as I say, and I’ll make sure that nothing, not a single hair on her head will be hurt”. Kyle looked up from his desk and gave Galahad the biggest smile. It chilled Galahad down to his core.

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