Games in Politics

Part 57

Galahad had been summoned to Kyle’s office. It was a typical office for a high-class businessman. Lots of expensive paintings and expensive collectible decorations that a person of any lower income threshold would never even so much as know it existed never mind see it. Yet if memory served Galahad well about his history, it wasn’t the rich that created the artwork and collectible pieces that he so cherishes. But right now it wasn’t his place to inform him of his ironic hypocrisy.

“Galahad!”. Kyle said his name so casually. Almost as if they were friends. He suppressed an irritated twitch. “I need you to do something very important for me, it is a matter of development for the species”. Kyle got up from his chair as he spoke it made it better for Galahad that he didn’t see him tense. What did that mean? “Do you know the theory behind evolution?”. Galahad didn’t like the sound of that but said nothing. “There is a theory that the human race stunted its evolutionary growth, and do you know what…”. Kyle paused for a dramatic effect. He had files in his hands, they looked like medical documents. “I believe this theory to be true, here find these women, and give them one of these each”. He threw the files at Galahad’s feet and a small bottle of pills with them.

©Jessica Crichton 2020