Bandit’s Eyes

Well, it has been a while since I posted about this. This is purely because I have had time away but honestly I don’t think the time away has helped very much. Actually, I have come to an awful conclusion. About me, not the dog, don’t worry he is alright.

Anyway, in this time away Bandit had an appointment come up. The appointment wasn’t bad, actually it was short and simple. The vet was waiting for us, took him straight away, and then came back out with him about twenty minutes later. All looks good, no nasty side effects, and the swelling and pinky discolouration on the whites of his eyes have gone down. The right eye is doing better than his left. However, his left eye was the worst one to begin with.

The vet instructed me to keep him on the same medication and same dosage. However, thankfully this time it was a little longer. Five weeks. Thank god because I wouldn’t be able to afford another visit to this vet until I am paid again. The problem with this vet is that everything has to be paid upfront first and then you have to claim for it back from the insurance… Which I haven’t claimed back yet. Shit, I should probably do that before they are like – Nope, you left it too late. – Because you know, insurance, you can pay a lot and they still find any tiny, tiny, little factor that you didn’t even think about to get out of paying out for the claim. Which I understand because unfortunately we have people who are scam artists who have been abusing the insurance world for quick money. Yes, quick money sounds great, until you make it harder for everyone else who genuinely need the help to get any support or resources whatsoever. God damn it scam artists! Well no, the reason I have left it so long is because of my printer.

Printers. The most handy yet complicated machine in all computer machine tech. Say if you get a new laptop or computer or like most of the world (if you haven’t been robbed by scum) consoles, you turn them on and the machine comes to life and everything is pretty much set up already for you. A printer though. Oh my god, printers are the worst. I have come across multiple printers. The amount of time I have spent sitting in front of one trying to get it to work is just unreal. What makes it more awkward is that I have used the printer once already. So, why it decided not to work when I need it to is a little frustrating. So… that is why I haven’t claimed on my insurance yet. I also couldn’t find a claims phone number on my insurance forms, but I will probably have to have another look into that when I finish work tonight.

Back to Bandit, so yeah he is on the same medication, same dosage. He has another appointment coming up in the next couple of weeks and the vet would like to see about gradually working his right eye off the medication since it seems to be doing so well. This could be a good sign that things are going to get better for him.

It is actually a little bit of a relief that it is going ok right now. Things with myself health wise are not going brilliantly, so I’d like it if things for him could go a little better. One less thing to worry about.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!