Censoring – What is the creative point!?

I have been watching a TV show on my sky. CSI: Crime scene investigations. Fabulous program, the stories of what happened to the people are sad but they have to be otherwise there wouldn’t be dead to investigate. There is drama, mystery, intrigue, and I know my Chemistry teacher hated it because it was misleading the world with unrealistic drama but hey I love it. However, I have to force myself to give it with trying to watch it. Whoever decided it was appropriate to chop this show up was a fucking imbecilic fool.

I remember that I have spoken about censorship before but it has been that long so… here is my stance on censorship. It is absolutely ridiculous! I think whoever thought censoring anything in general was an idiot! I completely understand age appropriate content, yes of course, absolutely. I would never want my children (If I have any) between the ages of five to ten to watch something as politically gruesome as Game of Thrones. So yes of course keep the age restrictions and categories. But it should be the parents responsibility to monitor and know what their children are watching. It is completely understandable that children can’t be watched constantly. But this is why we have to teach them. When you decide to have children, you do realise that you have not only signed up for a life as a parent in the care sense; provide food, water, a safe place to sleep at night, and clothes, etc. You have signed up for the rest of your life to be your children’s unofficial teacher. Censoring a program that children should not be even watching is taking that responsibility out of the parents hands, and you butcher the creative work that is being censored.

That is my standing with censoring anything.

So, when I am watching CSI: Crime scene investigation and physically see important investigatory point have been cut out completely I get so unbelievably frustrated! I feel like screaming. What is the point in showing a program about crime, dead bodies are a given, sensitive subjects are a given, if you are just going to chop literally almost all of it out. Why!? If it is because there children watching it… Why are they watching it!? That is a question for parents!

The program no longer makes sense! And the case is incomplete. I am sat there completely bewildered as to how they caught the criminal. In the end I just gave up. I hit the episode that finally made me just snap. The episode was about a woman that had been murdered and then her body tied to the underneath of the bus. The linen used to hold her body up was not strong enough so the already dead body got caught in the mechanisms. Bits of her fell off and was scattered on the road behind the bus. Yes, I understand that is graphic, however to literally chop the parts in which the CSI agent was collecting the evidence and then the autopsy to explain what they had found and what it means and if she was already alive or dead when she was under the bus. Gone. So, it didn’t even make sense again. There was no point in watching it. I just gave up.

That is the worst outcome for anyone that has created a book or tv series or film. The viewer gets so tired of it that they just stop interacting with it altogether. Censor is destroying the creative world. I mean look at Disney as a good example. Anything, and I mean literally anything that might so much as smudge their image as family friend is removed. But Disney is buying everything… What is going to happen to creativity, when it has to fit a particular mould and nothing else? How boring…

I’m just glad that books are growing more creatively. Otherwise I really would just lose my marbles. But my question still stands what is the point if you chop out everything important for it.

Thank you for reading another rant of mine. Write again soon. Bye!