Vet Specialist Appointment.

Like I said last night, I have an update on Bandit. Once again from the vets it isn’t exactly devastating news but it isn’t great news. Where to start without crying all over my keyboard. I think I am now at the point in Bandit’s life in which I now have to make decisions as to whether something is going to actually be worth doing or just going to make him miserable.

As I mentioned in an earlier post Bandit was being referred to a specialist regarding his eye. Well we went to see the specialist. This specialist told me a couple of things. First that what is happening to him is most likely something called – presumed diffuse episcleritis – I don’t even think I have spelt that right, I can’t even say it in my head never mind physically trying to say it. And I can’t really even explain what it is. Mostly what I know from what the vet said was… if left untreated he will go blind.

The vet also told me that he can’t cure it. This is a condition that can only be treated. It may go away with the treatment but it is seriously unlikely (Yay for positivity). The treatment is a very powerful steroid eyedrop. This may help reduce the inflammation and may prevent him from going blind… however! it may also worsen the condition and blind him anyway. I want to swear but I am just beyond that now there is not a swear phrase that is going to help me feel better. Another thing with this medication is that it can cause ulcerations on his eyes! Oh my god. Four times a day, a drop in each eye, and there are two different eyedrops. I know one of the drops is used to reduce inflammation, and the other eye drop is used for dogs with dry eye.

The vet did offer a biopsy on his eye but… general anaesthetic, removing a chunk of his eye, he’s 8 and half years old. He has stiff legs, he may possibly go blind, he has had multiple bloods taken, he has been through chemo, and poked and prodded. I don’t think I could put him through that. It won’t actually help with treating him and honestly it will probably just be painful and stressful. Both things I am aiming to avoid.

I will note the vet clearly thought the dogs weren’t mine. Let me explain that one. So, I decided to invite my mum to come with me. The vet was quite a journey away from me, and wanted some company. When the vet came out and he was explaining everything he didn’t look at me. He wasn’t talking to me. He was talking to my mum. I want to think it is because I look younger than what I actually am. Apparently I sound young as well which doesn’t help my case. So, to all of those people that think it is great to look young, no it isn’t people just don’t take you seriously or apparently just don’t talk to you at all. It might be a surprise for that vet when I next visit when it is just me by myself. I know he probably wasn’t being offensive towards me but it did annoy me a little bit.

Thank you for reading. Write again soon. Bye!