Running Alone.

My body clock is now officially messed up. Because of the time shift for my new job my body has been going WHAT THE F-! for the last week which is why nothing was posted. I am still struggling to cope with it, my idea of early is not 9am in the morning. But for 3am bedtime 9am is early just my body is having trouble with that. Anyway, I have got myself to run completely alone today. It felt so alien and weird and honestly, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I normally would if I had the dogs with me. The reason I decided today was the day I was going to stop was because Bandit had a visit from the eye specialist vet who deemed it necessary to refer him to my original vets because his back legs have arthritis in them. I do have a post regarding that vet visit I will just post it later this week. Because I don’t want my dog to be in pain and even though he is on the Yumove capsules I thought it best not to run with the dogs anymore.

Sadly, because I don’t like the idea of leaving either of them out when doing something Luna is not running with me either. I feel mean as I think she really enjoys the runs, and I think Bandit does as well. Once they both get going that’s it they keep pace with me and just plod along. But I don’t want to just take one and have the other watch as we leave the door like “Hey, what about me? *Cry*”. To even envision that scenario makes me very sad! Which has resulted in me running alone after they have gone for a lovely walk.

The run was fine, I made it from the start line to the finish line but I felt it far worse than normal. I was struggling against the wind and everything which usually doesn’t happen on a typically short run. At first I didn’t understand why, until I realised that the dogs helped me pace myself. I was slower when I was running with them but that helped me go further distances without getting winded as much as what happened to me this morning. My breathing control was awful.

But it just felt so lonely. There was no belt around my waist, and no tug from my right or left. It was just smooth running… As much as I complained about the dogs making the running harder, I actually missed it. The sound of their nails clicking against the concrete slabs of the pavement wasn’t there… just me and my very unfit panting lungs wheezing for breath… I don’t actually think I liked it as much as normal. But! I will carry on, push through this was day one without the fluffers, I can get used to it.

A friend and myself are going to try and get back on the weightloss/body toning/fitness improvement/healthier living journey. We both got fed up of feeling bloated and hating to see ourselves in mirrors so we are going to get back into the swing of it again. I don’t really know what my goal is… I don’t have any scales to check my weight, and I don’t have a way to measure my waist, hips, and other body parts with, so I am going to have to go off pictures and make a decision as to if I can or can’t see a difference. Mostly the back fat I would like gone. Those horrible rolls in my back just under the bra strap area make me want to hide myself forever. Especially when I can feel them touching. Ick!

I am aware that fast results are unrealistic and shouldn’t be expected. However, if I can get rid of this back fat quite quickly the rest of the weight loss and toning can come any time later I don’t really mind. I’d also like to start buying clothes that look good and fit nice… right now I have basic clothes that fit me to hide my extra weight. Which is fine but maybe just once I would like to look like one of those people that strives to look after herself… Just once.

Thank you for reading. Write again soon. Bye!