Games in Politics

Part 56

“I’m not going anywhere”. He pulled back, released her from the door, and held it open for her. Halina stared for a moment utterly speechless. Her heart was thumping hard in her chest. Heat had rushed to her cheeks and a deeper part of her tingled.

“Do you even understand the ramifications if you don’t leave!”. She snapped.

“Do you understand them?”. He slammed the door. She had not just walked through it like he had thought she would. “Do you know what Kyle is capable of? Do you want to know what I had to do today before getting to Ramses?”. Halina clenched her jaw shut. It wasn’t anger she saw on his face. Fear. Fear dominated his perfect physique and sexy face. When she didn’t answer he sighed. “Don’t send me away, regardless of what happened when your brother caught us, I can take care of me and you”. Tears burned their way to her eyes.

“I’m scared”. Was all she could say. He reached for her. His arms wrapped tight around her shoulders while her face buried hard into his chest.

“Me too”.