Oh, I made a mistake…

I made a really big mistake. In my haste to make sure that my new job shifts fit nicely around my business. I failed to notice that I had scheduled at least one 12 hour shift a week for the next two weeks and I am currently on one…

Oh my god. Most people despise when this happens to them when it wasn’t their choice. How should I be reacting when I chose the shifts? I feel like a Homer – Doh! -.

I can’t believe I have done that to myself. Even after the trainer specifically warned us about doing large blocks of time at work. Clearly, I decided not to listen to this. And this week has been a big shock as to how tough it is to do solid blocks in one sitting. Honestly, I am an idiot and regret everything. The job itself hasn’t been bad. Actually the people I work with have been lovely, my lead was really nice to talk to during a meeting I had with her just to see how I was doing, and the actual job itself isn’t that hard on a technical level.

I think what makes it tough is the people on the other end that I need to speak to. Some of them can be really lovely, really understanding, and patient with me. Then there are others that are not so much. Honestly, there have been more nice people than horrible, and as told by the company abuse of their staff is not tolerated so if I have an angry caller who is just shouting abuse directly at me I can disconnect the line. But that still doesn’t make it any less tough. Even though I have had many customer service roles dealing with customers is hard. It is energy draining. Teaching the ladies and younger ladies that I have in the business classes is not as draining as trying to customer serve. I can’t even explain the mechanics of why that is.

Of course this mistake can be rectified for future shifts but I am going to have to live with my mistake for at least two weeks! because our shift picking is two weeks in advance. And because this job is new it might be a bit early to be giving shifts away right now. I’d like to think I can be a little bit professional from time to time… My friends know that is a lie, but my bosses don’t need to know haha! I’d also like to think I can take responsibility for my mistakes. So… this would be a big booboo of a mistake but I am going to power through this.

I think the best idea would be to break up the days I have to do long shifts into a couple of hour stints rather than big blocks. It also seems to be how other people on the team deal with it. But again like I said before I have already picked my shifts for the next two weeks. So… need to survive before I can test anything out. And I need to survive tonight! Haha! Wish me luck!

Thank you for reading. Write again soon. Bye!