Games in Politics

Part 55

Halina waited in her room in utter silence with her thoughts. Galahad was still in the bathroom attached to the room. He had been in there for a long time. The shower had stopped running at least ten minutes ago and she couldn’t quite convince herself it wasn’t because he was trying to think about his options right now.

When the door clicked open Halina stood up and faced him. He had dressed himself back into his original black gear. His eyes widened when she stood.

“Tonight, after Kyle has had his meetings, I am going to take you to someone, she can help free you from whatever Kyle has done to you”. She swiftly, without waiting for him to reply, and stomped towards the door. Galahad snatch her hand in his and pulled her to face him. He pinned her to the door.

“Are you insane? Do you honestly think I would leave you now?”. His tone was low.

“You have been trapped in this, other than Kyle’s interference with you, you have no reason to be here and those people probably need you”. Halina tried to shove him off her. He held her still and snarled. He pressed his lips against her lips and devoured her in a heated kiss that seemed desperate.