Games in Politics

Part 54

He was stood in his all black gear. His hand was dripping blood, but he still had the blade clutched tight in his hand. One of Galahad’s fingers twitched around the blade.

“I am willing to sell the story of your kidnapping”. Kyle said. “From now on you are to accompany me to every official appearance, you will support me in everything I put forward, or you will lose the one truth you told me”. Halina turned to face Kyle completely. Her heart was in her throat. “Don’t think I am not capable, certain precautions were taken for your assassin over here, did you think I would just let him live without assurances?”. Kyle added. He had all the power right now. This was what she had wanted to avoid. This was what she had originally been walking away from. Forever trapped under his thumb. She swallowed her fear. She inhaled deeply and tilted her chin up. Her eyes relaxed until she was sure nothing, but indifference could be seen.

“Of course, you will always have my full support”. She spoke to him with her eyes never leaving his scrutinising gaze. A small smile spread across his lips.

“Excellent, Galahad”. He turned to Galahad who looked furious. “You may freshen up and stand as a personal guard for Halina, she is going to need it in the coming months”.