Back at it!

Well I did it. I finally convinced my lazy arse to get out there again and start running. I don’t quite understand why it took so long for me to get back into the running game. Part of me wants to say that it was because I didn’t want to risk taking Bandit on another run until the Yumove supplements kicked in and another part of me is just sat here thinking – No, you were just being lazy. – so I am a little conflicted.

I love running. I love exercising. Just sometimes I am lazy. I couldn’t even tell you why. I love exercising. I love moving my body and I love the after effects it has afterwards. But for some reason I fell out of the habit of exercising all together.

And well I started again today, I went for a run. Only short, it has been a few weeks so I thought start small so I don’t kill myself before I have even begun. I definitely think that was wise. I had not even got to halfway around the route that I had selected before my heart felt like it was pumping all of the takeaway food I had eaten out of my heart and clogging my arteries.

I have felt like that before, usually after a really long run, and I have started too fast. But this was short… not even half the distance I was doing a few weeks ago. What had I done to myself? I let my fitness literally fly out of the window. I think I must have watched it wave as it left because, ladies and gentlemen, the fitness was not in the building.

I made it. I still pushed through that tragic realisation that I was just unfit… AGAIN… and I made it to the end. I am determined to keep up with it this time as I am sick of not exercising. The morning runs set my day. Gets me productive in everything that I either need to do or want to do.

I actually feel lost when I don’t go running. Almost like I am unsure as to what to do with myself. Which is weird, if I feel like that why did it take me so long to get back out there again? These will probably be forever unanswerable questions. Because I can’t even answer that myself other than… I’m just lazy. I am refusing to be lazy from now on. Hopefully I have the discipline to keep this up because I have a couple more exciting new things to post about in the future if I finally get off my arse!

Thank you for reading. Write again soon! Bye!