Oh My God! Dog!

I am going to return to Luna. My beautiful gluttonous barrel. I mean this isn’t anything new, this is something she has done before over and over again but today I think I have snapped.

Starting my new job this week has meant that I have had to try and change my living patterns. I love mornings. I like waking up early. The earlier the better, I am very very productive of a morning. However, this job is currently on evenings. Something averaging between 4pm to 1am in the morning. To my stupidity I have been trying to go to bed as soon as the shift ends which is probably rookie number one mistake for anyone on a flexible shift contract. Which has meant that I have been having trouble getting to sleep… and then trouble sleeping. My dreams consist of weird work scenarios… almost a little bit like work nightmares. I hate those and yet I don’t know why my brain does it to myself.

This horrific sleep disturbance, mixed with Luna’s inability to control her gluttony has just snapped my patience with her and everything.

I was preparing myself to enjoy a really nice treat my partner bought for me yesterday. I left for a minute to give my partner his lunch and I heard a noise. My heart sunk. I knew. I just knew she couldn’t help herself. I bolted down those stairs and my chocolate was gone. This was the last thing I needed on my list of more things that could financially cripple me. Forgiveness is not easily earned today. I am not only angry but disappointed.

I was disappointed that for just once, JUST ONCE! Luna couldn’t just ignore her gluttonous stomach and leave the chocolate alone.

I was disappointed that I wasn’t going to get to enjoy anything that tasty before my shift started today.

But I think I was more disappointed in myself. Why!? Oh why!? Did I think it was ok to trust my gluttonous canine? Why did I think it was safe on the kitchen counter waiting for me. Why did I not close the fucking kitchen door!? Oh my god!

Luna is now in doggy jail. One so I can keep an eye on her in case the chocolate seems to cause any issues because Bandit has just been referred to an eye vet specialist I really really can’t afford yet another vet bill. Two because I am really really angry and just don’t to deal with the guilty look she gives me every time I pass her. However, she is looking sickeningly comfortable right now in her doggy prison. While I am now sat sulking before I start work.

I know that it is my fault. Even though I know what she is, and I know exactly what she loves more than anything in the world. So, I should have known not to leave the door open to the kitchen. I should have known to keep the chocolate orange in the cupboard. I think I am more angry at myself than her. She was just being Luna. I was being the imbecile.

Thank you for reading. Write again soon! Bye!