Games in Politics

Part 53

There was a spray of red as an artery was sliced open. A waterfall of blood spilled out of the gaping mouth of Ramses neck. Halina winced and flinched; she turned her face away from the death scene. The man gurgled, the blood bubbled, and then nothing as he collapsed twitching on the floor. She closed her eyes. The feeling of wet warmth sunk into her arm from the spray on her arm.

“Let’s clear something up”. Kyle said. A single tear slipped her eye down her cheek.

“Is this the part you execute me?”. Halina sucked in a deep breath and slowly released it.

“Don’t be ridiculous, you’re my sister, I love you, I would never”. He sounded offended, she didn’t turn to check if he was, she didn’t believe it.

“Never, just like father”. She replied softly.

“Father was different, everyone with half a brain cell knew that, father was in the way, you are not, and you will never be”. He dropped his tone at the end of the sentence. A threat. One not to be taken lightly. “Sister, I know that you turned away from me that day, I also know that you were technically kidnapped, and I know that you have grown feelings for this assassin”. Very carefully, without turning her head she looked at Galahad.