Difficult Writing

I was originally going to write about how I had come across a part in one of my writing projects that I was originally going to label as boring. However, I have come to realise in myself that this is a very negative thing to think about the writing project. It isn’t boring it is just difficult. Because the character is being quite limited in what they can do. So this kind of writing is forcing me to think a little less about the actions of a character and a little more on her thoughts or what she is seeing.

I have found that this is a difficult part for me. I seem to breeze through writing when lots of things are happening at once. Not that any of that mass action scene would make sense when I wrote it. I was told at university that my writing can be hard to follow because I am a little bit all over the place (according to some of my tutors). However I just sink into the world at that point I can visualise the action or the romantic scenes that get hot and heavy, or the sad scenes of grief, etc.

So… this project has had to make me look out at other things to fill the space as it were. Not that this part of the character’s life isn’t important. It is necessary as there are big developments, and other characters to meet. Just because I have never had to focus so much on just the thoughts or just the visual or just the hearing it has slowed me down just a little bit.

I know it doesn’t sound like much but try it as a writing exercise. Create a character and take away a fundamental thing that you wouldn’t normally even think about. An example could be their sight (which would be impressively difficult) their hearing, their ability to move. Anything and see what I mean. Because everything works together so well, when you take an aspect out it can make it more difficult. Your brain has to extend to other options. Which is what I am having trouble with now.

It is also extra difficult to motivate myself to continue to write through it even though all I want to do is get to the really juicy exciting parts. I keep having to remind myself that in order to get to the good parts and in order for those good parts to be good parts it needs the difficult parts. I am quite strict with myself in how I write it. I literally write it chapter by chapter from start to finish. I know some writers can write all the exciting bits they want to write and then fill in the bits in between. But I just know I will forget a crucial point that will lead up to them and it just wont make sense.

Anyway I think I have made my very waffley point. Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!