His Beautiful Eyes

I did say last night that I had an update to share about my beautiful grumpy old man. Well, here it is. I finally got the two of them insured. I just got fed up of constantly being told that the vet might have to send Bandit off to a specialist animal hospital which could just decide to charge me thousands of pounds which I barely have hundreds of pounds never mind thousands.

The insurance for both of them is expensive but then again they are both counted as seniors. Plus I have two of them. The main thing I found a little confusing. Why does Luna cost a little bit more than Bandit? I mean it was only by 50p but still. I would have expected them both to be the same. Apparently not. The pet insurance I chose was with the PDSA because I like the idea that when I purchase something it is helping towards something important. Usually animal related or saving the environment sort of thing. A make sure my bathroom products are cruelty free (completely), my electric and gas are on super green options so renewable energy and tree planting schemes, and now my new job which is very big on saving the natural world. So how this works is of course every payment I make to this insurance is going towards the PDSA charity who look after ill/injured pets for people who cannot afford the usual vet bills. I know what you might be thinking. Isn’t that me!? Because yes being terribly honest I haven’t been able to afford vet bills however! this is for people who may be vulnerable such as disability or elderly, or on a benefit scheme. I have not come under any of those. Which is fine I have had jobs so technically I should be able to afford these things just previous jobs haven’t been all that great. This isn’t the only thing I was going to update you on about Bandit. I am just feeling a little bit proud of it.

Anyway the main update about Bandit was that I had his eye checked out by a vet last week. It just started to look really bad, I had just been paid so it was time to take the financial plunge and help him not go completely blind. Due to the current situation of lockdown I wasn’t allowed to go into the examination room with him. The vet took him in and inspected him while I sat in the waiting room for maybe fifteen minutes. When he came out she said that it looked like an infection and there was some inflammation. He is on eyedrops to fix it. So, good news! It is not cataracts! I can also say that he has been on the eyedrops for about five days and his eye is starting to look a lot better which is a relief!

To add to this great news is that he is now on a supplement called Yumove. This is for his arthritic back legs. He has been on them for maybe a week… just before he went to see the vets. So far I haven’t seen massive amounts of improvement however, it does state on the box that it could take up to 4 – 6 weeks to kick in. I have noticed that he seems a little more eager to move around, and on walks he has started pulling me a little more which I think I can take as good signs to come.

Mostly, at this point I just want him to be at a comfortable place. I know he isn’t that old but for most of his life things just seem to be going wrong. So, my main focus is just to make it so that his elderly years aren’t quite as shit as I think they could be. Key to reaching those goals don’t set them too high at first. If the trial and error works great! If not well just continue until something does.

Some positive news going forward for Bandit. Thank you so much for reading. Write to you soon. Bye!