I’ve been thinking…

Yes, I know, a dangerous pass time. But I have been thinking a lot recently. My most recent activity on this blog space, except for obviously my trouble keeping my canine healthy (which I have an update to share), has been used by me to complain about my previous job. Which isn’t the image I wanted to build on this space. I won’t remove the posts as I still believe that some of the points I made about staff moral and care is important and should be taken into consideration by… anyone with employees.

However, I am hoping to build a structure with my posts from now on and keep them in a more positive light. Of course I can’t always guarantee that. I am human and every human in the world has low and high moments even if some of us try to hide it. I suppose it is one of those secrets that isn’t really a secret. People like to pretend that they can hide it but people know it is there. Probably more like people like to ignore it because if they pretend it isn’t happening then it isn’t really… even though it is… Anyway, I am losing track of my thoughts.

I’d like my posts to become more regular. At the moment they are in existence when I feel a moment of inspiration to be productive. Which again is fine I write on the side just not for the blog, and I have been reading I just haven’t posted about the last book I read, and I haven’t been recording my training because I would like something better than my phone but it doesn’t mean the stuff hasn’t been happening at all… Alright, so maybe I have been a little lazy with regards to exercise but I have done some! I promise. I would just like to set up a personal system in which my posts are a little bit more regular. Maybe even a little more interesting given that I can’t imagine these are very interesting posts.

I read an article today while I was working, in my new job *grin*, about why people don’t read your content. On an honest note it went down a negative route. “You’re not good enough”. Now, I say that to myself. On a regular basis. So, when the article was making this the secret point revealed I was a little bit sceptical. Obviously I carried on reading and discovered that, yes that is a harsh negative statement, but what the author was trying to promote was self-improvement. Don’t lose focus on the actual goal or skill it is that you want to work on. This got me thinking about my blog posts, my writing, my reading, and yes my pole and aerial skills. My selling myself to the world isn’t really what I want to be an expert on, it would probably help! But that isn’t where my strong points lie. To be fair in my head I wouldn’t necessarily say I had any strong points at all. Again that is rather negative. I am trying to think better of myself but that will take some work in my self-worth section of my brain which is currently glitching. Can you tell I have had a bit of a tough week already?

All of my skills have room for self-improvement. Which is fine that is a piece of truth that I think probably applies to everyone. There is no such thing as a perfect human. In order to do this I am going to remove my focus on what I think will help the engagement of my blog and instead focus on what I am actually writing, the content that I am posting, because right now I am not sure it is as good as it could be. I don’t think I am at my best.

I am very aware that we can’t always be at our best all of the time, but the majority of the time would help. Another thing that got me thinking about trying to be the best that I can be is ‘Emily in Paris’. A new show on Netflix about a marketing success from Chicago sent to Paris. She loves it. And every day she goes to work with a smile even though her boss hates her guts, she doesn’t know the language (which isn’t necessarily her fault if schools decided that teaching languages when we are small would probably benefit everyone around the world there wouldn’t be such a thing as a language barrier but that is a topic for another day), and everything seems to be going wrong for her, except her initiative. She comes up with creative and good ideas as quick as a snap of the fingers. She takes photos for her social media and they are perfect right off the first take. Just to be clear I am very well aware that pictures for social media by influencers, or people that are working their way towards influencers don’t just happen off one photo. For one post they could have taken at least one hundred before they got to that one that was social media ready. But it made me think about how there are some people out there that will just glide into the best part of themselves effortlessly without even really having to think about it. And there are some who have to work up to getting to that best part and then fight themselves to stay there. I am one of those work it fight it people. I don’t just seamlessly glide into that best part of myself every day or… any day to be completely honest. But I have to start working up to that.

This can all depend on what you envision is your best self. Perspective is key, however, it is always important to remember that your own perspective is the only important one. With that in mind I am going to start with working out a writing and posting system that works for me as well as an exercise routine that fits in with that and go from there. Given that this blog isn’t about others. It is about me. I know that this isn’t even the hardest part about this whole entire process. Fighting to keep it will be my toughest challenge yet. I’d like to be confident about this and say I WILL MAKE IT! in big block capitals and loud powerful voice. However, I am human and as human as I am I know I am going to have some slip ups. Another challenge for myself is to forgive myself when those days happen. Not hate on myself for days and constantly list over and over in my head on how I fail at life. Then give up because I lose the faith in my own self-worth which is probably still trying to repair itself from my own self-sabotage.

Wow, well, this post turned out longer than I thought it would. No harm though. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. Write again soon. Bye!