That Age in a Dog’s Life

I think Bandit has reached that point in his life that means that he will be constantly in and out of the Vets. His back legs have arthritis, he has had two cases of sinus infections, he got over a blood disorder, he had five teeth removed, and now I have noticed that his left eye, might be, developing cataracts.

I can’t shake the helplessness that I feel every time he looks at me. He doesn’t seem to be any different. He is eating great, drinking normal, and he does his business fine. The Vets have checked his heart and lungs multiple times every time we visit and they both sound strong and healthy.

Is it too much to ask that all ailments just leave my beautiful grumpy old boy alone?

I should be coming into a little more money these next couple of months so I’ve ordered Bandit a packet of that Yumove to try out for his joints. So, hopefully that will help ease his movements. That should be arriving soon, enough to last at least four weeks, which should be enough time to see any form of results. It was recommended by my partner’s mother and partner.

I have started to attack both dogs teeth with a finger dog toothbrush and coconut oil. So far they both enjoy trying to lick the oil off the finger brush than letting me actually scrub their teeth. But if they actually start to enjoy some form of grooming I will take that as a win.

I know it won’t fix anything however fish has been added to their diet as well. The oily fish helps with the general health of their eyes. I know it won’t fix whatever is going on with his. But it is always good to start improving health for any part of their body.

I know he is just getting old. I know there are only so many things I can do. But I am hoping this will help just ease some of the things going wrong into a comfortable glide.

This was a little bit of a sad one but thank you for reading. Write to you soon. Bye.