Hospitality creates Hatred

Well yesterday was bad. Very bad. The establishment was busy and I know for a fact that customers have not been informed about the covid case in the building. And the government are wondering why there is a spike in cases that they can’t control. It is your big companies that are hiding the fact that they have got cases in the workplace because they don’t want to close. The idea of losing money is worse than losing lives. Workers can be replaced.

After yesterday I feel utterly numb. I’m so tired of having to put on a smile for people who are rude and think they are better than me because they are dining at the shit hole that I work at. Well here is a reminder snob customer with your high nose, bring it down and realise that if all the workers like me that you are rude to decided to boycott work like I absolutely believe we should you wouldn’t have your fancy dining to hold your nose up as you do.

Yesterday started as normal as possible. Morning, two staff on, a quiet morning. Until sometime just before lunch time. There is still only two of us and more people are coming in. Orders pile up all over the floor and staff are only scheduled in, in the afternoon. We are falling behind and when the staff arrive at that point it is too late to recover. Chaos ensues because people are having to wait because once again there is only one person allowed behind the bar so drinks orders start gathering a lovely queue. You tell the customers that you’re terribly sorry about the wait but we are short staffed and they scoff at you. Then… The oh so fucking wonderful general manager clicks in with her high heels. In her point of view we should be privileged that the general manager has come to help save the day… Only she didn’t. On fact it just got worse from that point.

She asked me to do something. My response was a quick “yeah yeah” which is what I do when I have a list of things to do and someone on the till has asked me for help. It’s my way of adding it to my list of things to do quickly and giving the person who asked me the affirmative. She misheard me. She then stopped me midway through everything and said what was that? Now I’m confused and so is the girl at the till because she heard me say yeah yeah. I told the general manager yeah, I said yeah I’ll do it. She then responds with a is that alright. That’s what I said? I wasn’t being anything offensive. I’m just trying to do my job. The general manager then approaches another staff member to ask for my name! The bitch doesn’t even know my name. What a joke. She then proceeded to call me very rude and pulled me up again in the middle of the chaos. This is what she started with.

“at… (I can’t name it) I expect everyone to be polite to each other. And I am your general manager, I am here to help you”

At this point I still have no idea what this is about so I asked her. “what have I done?”. Now this is the point where I think oh great I’m being fired for something that she misunderstood.

She didn’t fire me. This conversation was left with me explaining that I wasn’t trying to be rude. That I was just trying to be quick and said yeah yeah as a yes I will do it and continue with what I am currently doing. Clearly she didn’t believe me. But she let me carry on and I realised I wasn’t being fired because she literally could not afford to fire anyone. Most of the bar staff were home because of covid. And she had fired the rest. We were so short staffed she literally couldn’t fire me.

I am aware that the first chance she gets I am gone. Which will probably be when everyone returns from isolation.

But the chaos continued, the staff were being shouted at from every direction being told multiple things at once. And I almost laughed, the general manager wants us to have an actual conversation with the customers in that chaos. Yeah… Sure in what universe?

At the end of the chaos when the busy period died the general manager asked to talk to us on the floor. Let’s be honest, she didn’t take in what I said, she was just focused on telling me we get sections… Well that doesn’t help when there is only two of us and one of them has to remain behind the bar!

I suppose it doesn’t really matter. I will probably be fired next week. This is normal life. This is what everyone is pining for? Are you all mad? I was on the verge of setting the building on fire and watching it burn.

To make it worse, I had a customer who had never been there before, now this is my first bar job. Also I don’t drink. Knowing all the alcohols in the world doesn’t give me safistication. But because I didn’t know this she decided to be rude to me, and then made a comment about how I brought the place down with my incompetence. Wow.

After that I realised I was making efforts for people who just don’t deserve it. I have to go in today. I will be entering right in the midst of the chaos. I really am of the mindset to just not go in. People telling me well at least you have a job… Or at least your off tomorrow. That doesn’t make it better. That is the thinking that sets the low standards of treatment.

I already feel like a bad person for having these issues with work. I already tell myself these things. But it doesn’t change the fact that these situations are just shit.

Forgive the rant. Thank you for reading. Write to you soon. Bye!