Growing Distrust.

Again, I cannot mention where I work. However, I am going to say that the trust between management and worker is slowly crumbling… If there was any trust at all to begin with.

Yesterday, I was in work. Unknown to me and the other staff members who were on shift as well at some point this week one of the staff members tested positive for covid. Rather than phoning everyone (for their safety) the general manager deemed it suitable to not tell anyone on shift except the section managers and supervisors. They were told they were not allowed to share this information with anyone.

Not only were we seriously understaffed but the management team were tip toeing around collecting temperatures in a book that they demanded to see in case anyone came in to look at it, and then tell us that on top of serving everyone that we possibly can (because there just isn’t enough people to handle the amount) they wanted us to deep clean the work space… In what space of time exactly?

What makes it worse is as much as the staff have face coverings, the customers are allowed to walk around without face coverings. And they don’t listen to you when you tell them keep to groups no bigger than six. Oh by the way the space is not big enough to socially distance. And I can tell you that blaming the younger generation is crap because the customers I am describing are all older than forty.

The management team then proceeded to state that we were closing the area for an hour for a deep clean. They still weren’t allowed to tell us what was going on. What!? At this point it was pretty clear it was something to do with covid. What the fuck!? Why keep it secret!? This is a virus that is seriously contagious and can be lethal! And the general manager wants to tip toe around it because they don’t want to close the establishment. Wow. Talk about love for money rather than human morality.

After a couple of hours it is finally released that someone (staff) tested positive… But they won’t reveal who that person was. Apparently the relevant staff who were on one particular shift with that staff member have been told to stay home and get tested. But hang on, it has been a week or more since that shift in question and the deep clean was done yesterday. There is no way someone else not on that shift has not come into contact with something. But they tried to keep it secret.

It has also been revealed that if we are off sick with covid we won’t be paid sick pay. WHAT!? Serious? If I test positive for covid I would have got it from work and I would have brought it home. That will stop everything in my life. Interrupting the progress with the business. I have had to message amessage my business partner about it because I was in contact with her last week and she starts a new job in a care home! I have messaged a family member who visited the establishment on that weekend to warn him in case. They may all be fine, I may be fine. But the issue is I now feel an even deeper growing Distrust with my work place. As human beings we had rights to know when we have been put at risk and we weren’t told about it until eventually it was pretty clear with closing the area for a deep clean.

It became obvious that in the eyes of our new general manager, we are dispensible, the moment she started firing people with the snap of her fingers. Her announcement that our safety was their top priority was clearly a lie. We can’t leave our shifts, even if we fear for our safety, because we will be fired. And if we are off sick we won’t receive sick pay. They don’t give a damn about us. Yet if I find a new job I have been asked to make sure I do right by them and give them two weeks notice? Really? I am not even treated as a human being but you want to receive decent treatment?

They must be out of their minds! If I find a job that tells me we need you to start right away, my current place of work will get a phonecall with the words sorry but I quit not coming in, don’t want your crappy wage goodbye. The only problem is… The job market in the UK is awful so escape right now sadly is not an option.

I just don’t understand why keep it a secret, I know for a fact there is someone that works there that if she catches covid her daughter is at serious risk of dying. Could you imagine being responsible for that? And the work place would be, she’s very careful unless she doesn’t have knowledge that the place has had staff that tested positive. Which we didn’t know while she was on shift. How awful is that? Why? All they’ve done is created a distrust between staff and management. Imbeciles.

I am in work later this morning. Thank you for reading. Write again soon. Bye!