My Skin and Hair.

Self care Issues…

For a long time I have had self care issues. Honestly, I can say I think I still fall a little short from time to time now. Looking after myself fell behind everything. Like it fell behind so much (Don’t judge) that when I woke up it was just easier to dump something over my head to wear and then I would go and tick off everything I had to do for that day. Then when it came to the end of the day I didn’t have any time to look after me… Which then lead to weeks without washing my hair… weeks without having a shower at all… (Yes, I know grim!) I can’t even remember when it was exactly that I fell out of the habit, I don’t even remember why. But I know it has been years with me being like that. I would have a really long shower once every other week… I think the longest I went once was… Eek… a month?

Yes, disgusting bitch. (You don’t need to judge, I am judging myself).

Since moving into my new home I have made an effort to look after myself. So far so good. I have showered everyday, and the days I haven’t showered I have had a blissful bath.

Before this week I was using a face wash by a brand called kind natured. Because I am on a cruelty free mission that was how I found this brand. It was good for a bit however, the skin on my face began to feel like it was really sensitive and sore. Almost like I had been burned. Plus it wasn’t helping my skin look or feel good at all in the end. So, I returned to an expensive brand that… yes ok it is expensive but oh my god it helps my face feel great and look so much better.

Sand & Sky. Some of you will have seen this advertised on your facebook. It is so good. I am still having issues with spots on my chin. However, I know that those spots on my skin are from something out of skin care products control.

I love Sand & Sky, my skin afterwards always feels really soft and smooth. Nothing is sore anymore. Now, I am not talking about one particular product. I have all of them. And I use only Sand & Sky on my face. I know what some of the skincare world is thinking… “Oh dear god no”. Yes, I have watch Hyram on Youtube. But, these products make my skin feel great, they have been cruelty free from the get go, and I just love them. My face has never felt better. Of course I don’t use every product every day that is excessive. I have a scheduled planned system of what products from them I use on what days and in which combination.

But seriously, if you’re having trouble with finding a brand to help with your skin care on your face. Give them a go I have never felt better.

Another brand that I use and I haven’t tried out the body care that they have but the hair care is just immense.

Coco & Eve. I first tried the hair mask a couple of years ago, but unfortunately had to stop because of money. This is another expensive brand however, returning to it I felt amazing yesterday with my hair. And I still feel good with it now.

Again I have every product, I haven’t tried all of them yet, but the hair products they sell I tried out yesterday. Oh! the dream! If they make a shampoo to go with it I will be all over them. Another cruelty free brand. I’m big on the cruelty free. There is no need to test cosmetic products on animals, there just isn’t, unless it is a vaccination or medicine for the animal in question. Anyway, moving on, I first applied their scalp scrub, then put the hair mask on my hair. I know that isn’t the order they advertise or instruct but I found this worked for me and honestly even though I shampooed the products out of my hair afterwards, I could still smell the coco & eve goodness this morning when I woke up. Nothing has done that for me with my hair. Not only that but the scalp scrub really has helped with an itchy scalp issue I was having. My hair is super soft, it feels light on my head, and it has a little bit of the loose curl back. I could still run my fingers through it now and there are barely any knots.

Safe to say… I am in love. Today I am going to test out the body care products coco & eve have. But seriously, these products may be expensive but they are at least worth the try. Not everyone is going to like them. I get it. But I have never felt so good in myself.

Also as a quick tip. You don’t need to use a lot of any of the products. Even if you’re a little sparse with it, the result is the same. It’ll last longer and they have clearpay which helps break up the payment into manageable four month installments.

It is a little bit of a different subject for me. But I am feeling pretty good in myself right now. That will be ruined when I go back to work tomorrow, wish me luck… Thank you so much for reading, I will write soon. Bye!